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An obese person is regarded as someone who is around 20% above their ideal weight or someone whose fat weight in the body is more than 30% of their total weight. Simply put if you consume more calories than you burn or use up, you will gain weight. People’s metabolisms are different, which means that different people will burn calories at different rates. That is why you get slim people who can eat a horrendous amount of calories but never seem to put on any weight. These types of people have very fast metabolisms.


How to Burn Belly Fat Fast?

How to Burn Belly Fat Fast? Belly fat represents a great danger to health. According to medical experts, even though a person is not considered obese, belly fat above average puts her into a...


How to Speed up Metabolism

How to Speed up Metabolism When it comes to metabolism, many of us think about how to speed it up. However, there is no single food like coffee or green tea that can improve...


How to Get Six-Pack Abs

How to Get Six-Pack Abs When it comes to physical appearance, many men dream of getting six-pack abs. Even though age should not prevent men from getting six-pack abs, they need persistence and steady...


What Causes Belly Fat?

What Causes Belly Fat? Most people are concerned about belly fat and its negative effects on their health. For this very reason, they are most interested in reducing belly fat easy and thorough. However,...


Men and Belly Fat

Men and Belly Fat Our modern lifestyle focused on comfort, leaves us with very little spare time that most of us spend watching too much television, eating too much, using excessively technical gadgets, and...


Male Eating Disorders

Male Eating Disorders Exposed to a modern day society’s ideal standard of young, fit and perfect body, many young women has developed eating disorders. However, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics men...

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7 tips to lose weight

7 tips to lose weight 1. Start by setting your ideal weight. Think about it every day of your regime and imagine yourself reaching that point. Wouldn’t it make you feel victorious? Don’t think...