How to Burn Belly Fat Fast?

How to Burn Belly Fat Fast?


Belly fat represents a great danger to health. According to medical experts, even though a person is not considered obese, belly fat above average puts her into a dangerous zone. Namely, our body needs some quantity of visceral fat or the kind of fat that wraps our inner organs. However, when it grows to proportions, our body becomes susceptible to various diseases such as diabetes 2, heart disease, high blood pressure, even cancer. If we want to burn belly fat fast, there are simple, but not easy tips. The first thing we need to avoid is sugar, especially added sugar, we are usually not so much aware of in our diets. Dietitians especially suggest avoiding certain beverages such as processed drinks, sugar-sweetened beverages, sports drinks, as well as tea and coffee with added sugar. According to experts, added sugar represent a great danger to our health, particularly if taken in larger quantities. Our body and liver turn refined sugar into fat. The most of the fat, accumulated around our belly, are produced in this way. The other important change we need to make in our diet is reducing carbs. Carbs, especially refined one, is responsible for retaining fats around the belly. According to statistics, low-carb diets are more effective than a low-fat diet. To burn belly fat fast, we need to decrease processed carbs to the lowest level. For many people who struggled with obesity in the abdominal area, low-carb diets showed the best possible choice. To learn more about how to burn belly fat fast, the article “6 Ways to Burn Your Belly Fat Fast” gives us some tips.

How to Burn Belly Fat Fast?

Short bursts of exercises

1000 crunches a night may get you strong abdominal muscles, but with a full layer of fat on top, you will not get the results you really want. Instead of all those crunches, do exercises that engage multiple muscle groups and work your cardiovascular system. Try planking, where you hold yourself in a push-up position, resting your forearms on the ground. Try 3 or 4 sets of holding for 30 seconds each. Getting up and moving throughout the day by going for walks will also help.

Apart from exercising and diet, there is one more factor, which significantly increases belly fat. This factor is a product of our times – stress. Namely, some experts think that stress rise cortisol level, thus interfering with the metabolic processes in our body. If stress is joined with poor diet and lack of sleep, we will naturally crave for sugar and carbs, and put more fat around the belly. Therefore, to really allow low-fat diet and exercise to bring fast results, we need more sleep and less stress. Some people find meditation and breathing technique highly effective in relieving stress.

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