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Heart attacks can be prevented, yet millions of people in the western world increase their risk of having a heart attack by some things they do every day. Lifestyle can contribute to, or prevent, a heart attack. The first step you can take to reduce your chance for having a heart attack is to stop unhealthy habits that contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease. To do this, you must know the risk factors that are promoting your risk of getting it.


5 Risk Factors for Heart Disease | Cedars-Sinai

We know now the people who have regularsleep are less likely to have coronarydisease and we recommend that peoplesleep at least seven hours ideally eightto nine hours a day. Snoring can be asign that at night times you're notgetting enough oxygen and that stressactually raises your blood pressure...
What Habits Can Prevent Heart Disease? 0

What Habits Can Prevent Heart Disease?

What Habits Can Prevent Heart Disease. Even though we have many information on healthy diets and risk factors of heart disease, a percentage of cardiovascular disease is still extremely high...
Positive Emotions and Heart Health 0

Positive Emotions and Heart Health

Positive Emotions and Heart Health Numerous studies have shown a huge impact of negative emotions on our health. Stress, anxiety, depression, and so on, are states that make us vulnerable to other health problems, such as heart diseases, diseases that affect our gastrointestinal system, different types of cancer, etc...