What Are the Symptoms of Artery Blockage?


The symptoms of
arterial blockagediffers depending on
where the blockage is. Any– like, for
example, if thereis a blockage in the
blood supply to the heart,and then people tend to have
chest pain, very intense chestpains. Or sometimes it can
be weight chest pain,wherin people feel chest
tightness and, uh–or some kind of a band around
the chest, someone sittingon the chest, which are all
various presentations of havinga blockage in the blood
supply to the heart. In addition to that, if
they have multiple blockagesin the same blood
supply to the heart,then people can have
shortness of breath,especially when they try
to walk a little distance,and they can have
chest pains whenthey walk little distancees. But if someone has a blockage in
the blood supply to the brain,then their symptoms
can be, sometimesthey have some loss
of vision, especiallyin the particular side. For example, you have one–one artery that supplies blood
to the right side of the brain,and one to the left
side of the brain. So if there’s a blockage on
the right side of the brain,then all of a sudden,
sometimes peoplelose vision in the
right eye if there’sa blockage in the right side. And immediately, it comes
off in a few seconds, or lessthan a minute, or something. And sometimes, they can
have mini strokes, strokes. Those are all the symptoms
of blockage in the bloodsupply to the brain. And people can have blockage in
the blood supply to the legs,wherein it’s the
same problem– whenpeople tend to
walk a few blocks,and then they develop pain. And then all of a sudden, when
they stop walking, the painsubsides. And it’s the same
thing with the hand. If there’s a blockage in the
blood supply to the hand, some,especially women, when they’re–
when they’re doing a lotof work at home with
the hands, this–they feel as if the hand
which has a blockageseems to be getting
tired and havinga little bit of uneasiness,
heaviness, or weakness, so. And then when they
go to doctor’s, theycheck out and see that they have
some difference in the bloodpressure– that might
be saying that there’sa blockage in a particular hand.

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