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Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of body tissue anywhere in a person’s body. This growth interferes with the way your body normally functions. There are many kinds of cells that make up the tissue in a human body. Cells make new cells by dividing. Some cells stop dividing when you become an adult. Other cells constantly divide, such as those of your skin, hair and blood. Some divide only if there has been damage somewhere in your body. They “turn on” only until the damage has been repaired. Cancer tissues have lost their ability to “turn off” their growth. They eventually crowd out healthy tissues, disrupting your body’s ability to do what it needs to do.


Testicular Cancer – Risks and Prevention

Testicular Cancer – Risks and Prevention Testicular cancer usually appears in men between the ages of 20 and 35 years. It is a rare type of cancer that occurs in younger men. However, men...


Role of Spirituality in Cancer Patients

Role of Spirituality in Cancer Patients Whenever we encounter serious life difficulty such as life-threatening illness or loss of a close person, many of us become more spiritual than before the event. The same...


Anticancer Cocktail

Anticancer Cocktail Ginger, turmeric, and carrots combined, represent a powerful cocktail that helps fight cancer. Each of these nutritious foods has many benefits, but drinking or eating together decreases a risk of cancer and...

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How To Deal With Male Breast Cancer

How To Deal With Male Breast Cancer It can be quite devastating to have a man be given the news of breast cancer but there are ways to deal with male breast cancer today....


Cancer Link To Allergies

Researchers have discovered a potential cancer link to allergies, that could lead to therapies based around antihistamines. Its been discovered that histamine may protect tumours from the immune system.  By blocking the production of histamine...


Foods With Links To Cancer

Foods With Links To Cancer We all have heard the same lecture from our doctors: “Lose weight, exercise, eats your fruit and vegetables. That’s the way to avoid cancer!” However, research has shown that...

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About Prostate Cancer

About Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer involves a malignant tumor that grows on a man’s prostate gland, which is located right beneath a man’s bladder in his digestive system. A man’s chances of getting prostate...