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Foods for Healthy Liver

Foods for Healthy Liver The liver is the largest internal organ in our body. It performs numerous function that enables our body to function. The liver detoxifies our blood, assists in the absorption of...

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Alternative Treatments For Liver Diseases

Alternative treatments for liver diseases Liver diseases get treated only by rest and detoxification primarily. This is why there is better prognosis of alternative treatments for liver diseases as compared to conventional treatments. In...


Conventional Therapy Of Liver Diseases

Conventional therapy of liver diseases Liver diseases don’t have many conventional treatment options. Most of these diseases are avoided through prevention. However medicine has been able to advance and discover treatments for many of...


Diseases Affecting The Liver

Diseases Affecting The Liver Liver is the largest internal organ of our body.  It performs numerous actions that keep a body active and balanced. Without a liver, one might die within a few hours...


Liver- The Body’s Detoxifier

Liver- The Body’s Detoxifier Liver- The Body’s Detoxifier Liver is the detoxifier of our body. The largest of all internal organs, one simply cannot survive without this one. That’s why liver possesses the ability...