Alternative Treatments For Liver Diseases

Alternative treatments for liver diseases

alternative treatments for liver diseases

alternative treatment for liver diseases

Liver diseases get treated only by rest and detoxification primarily. This is why there is better prognosis of alternative treatments for liver diseases as compared to conventional treatments.

In alternative therapy the diet modifications have to do with the addition of food that could help detoxifying the liver. Foods like beetroot and carrots are excellent in detoxifying liver as these vegetables have flavonoids which act as antioxidants and detoxify the wastes.

Beetroot is also known for improving vitality of the liver cells so this is one of the first foods that should be added if one is concerned about the liver function. Other vegetables and fruits like garlic, leafy green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, lemons, oranges, grapefruit and green tea act like toxic waste loaders  and help to excrete the toxins in the feces or urine.

However, if one wants to incorporate these fruits and vegetables into their daily lifestyle, care must be taken that these have no interaction with the medicines that you are taking. Grapefruit is known for its interactions with many drugs and so one must consult the doctor before adding these foods to their diet.

One must design a liver detox diet in such a way that includes all these above mentioned foods. These foods act in synergy to help the liver heal and clear jaundice out of the body quicker than other remedies.

Other medicinal herbs like milk thistle extract have been widely used for Chronic liver disease, Hepatitis B and C and Alcoholic liver disease but recent trials show that milk thistle doesn’t cause an increase or decrease in liver’s damage.

Acetyl cysteine is a nutrient that helps in repair of hepatic cells especially for those who are on paracetamol/Tylenol (acetaminophen) regularly. Recently tested Amla extract has turned out to be tremendously beneficial in hepatic cells injured due to the abuse of alcohol. Amla helps in repair and increases the hepatic cells’ lives.

Black sativa seed oil has also been proven very beneficial in treating hepatitis and jaundice. This oil is rich in sterols which help promote anti-cancer activity in the tissues. It also acts as a diuretic and helps to relieve ascites and toxins from liver during the end stage liver disease.

Coffee enema is one controversial but an effective therapy to unload the liver toxic wastes. This therapy might be a little difficult to perform but it guarantees cleansing of the liver if done the right way.

The procedure includes brewing the coffee for 15 minutes, then introducing the cooled coffee into the bowel through one-quart enema. This needs to be kept in for about 15 minutes till the coffee diffuses in and unloads the liver’s toxins.

The coffee will then cause the toxins to be egested in the feces. This needs to be repeated daily for 10 days, then once a week for the next six weeks till the liver is completely cleansed.

Khaltita and Morarah, Arabic Asafoetida are well researched for their anti-carcinogenic and ant-tumor activity. These herbs kill tumor cells specifically and work the best on liver cancer or tumors. When these herbs are used with honey, garlic and black seed, they don’t only stop the tumor from growing but also promote growth and proliferation of healthy cells.

Liver function could be very well maintained with care and a diet rich in fruits, green vegetables and green tea. A healthy liver will improve vitality of the body and help you move a step towards a healthier better life. The alternative treatments for liver diseases are far less invasive than conventional treatments and should be seriously looked into.



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