Elementary but Effective Ways of Caring for Your Liver

Elementary but Effective Ways of Caring for Your Liver

At the death bed of my uncle, I heard him say: “I should have listened to you” (addressing his wife).  His wife had been very opposed to his too much drinking of hard liquor.  He died of liver cirrhosis.  This is not an isolated case.  A lot of people die each day because of liver failure.  The thing is, liver cirrhosis may not manifest alarming symptoms until the patient has liver failure.  By then, it might be too late for medical intervention.  Don’t become a part of the statistics – love your liver.

Food Preferences

Organic versus inorganic vegetables and fruits are mentioned over and over in healthful tips articles and journals.  While some take the difference religiously, others simply ignore it as hearsay.  Consider that the liver processes almost all food intakes.  Second premise – that fruits and vegetables raised in an inorganic way are stuffed with chemicals and additives that may harm your liver.

Liver boosters

Consume fruits and vegies that are rich in Vitamins B, C, and Zinc.  Likewise pick those that are rich in Beta-carotene.  Carrots, definitely, will pop in your mind.

Do you like milk thistles? Studies support that milk thistle enhances growth of liver cells and protects your liver too.  This is because it contains anti-oxidants, enhances protein synthesis and it prevents oxidation.

Raw versus processed

Eating preferences is a part of our lifestyle.  We get used to just picking up a ready-to-eat items in the grocery because we give ourselves the excuse of not having enough time to cook.  Then, why not just consume your fruits and vegies raw?  It’s a big help for your liver because it is much easier to process.  Further, you prevent preservatives and unwanted oil from entering your system.

No to Liver hazardous food and drinks

Liquor is number one in the list.  Habitual and heavy drinkers know this but neglect to see the consequences.  It is a matter of choice and standing up on your choice.  If you believe you cannot quit, for sure you can’t.  Recognize the need for professional intervention if necessary.


Too much of anything is harmful.  And yes, even too much supplements.  Food supplements are flooding the market, each brand saying it is natural so it is healthy.  Did we mention about “raw versus processed” earlier?  Do not be easily lured by marketing schemes.

Fat-filled food stands second in the list.  This food group will overwork your liver.


Choice of food intake will do the detoxification process.  Food rich with anti-oxidants serve to do the clean-up.  To name few, sugar beets, pomegranate, garlic, turmeric, apples, grapes, broccoli are great at excreting off the toxins in the body.   Less processes involved before taking in these items will serve you better.


This is a general health tips.  It is great for the body as a whole.  One particular function it does is helping the detox process.  During the exercise, perspiration transpires.  This way, toxins inside the body are carried out.

Simple as it may appear, the above-stated ways of caring for our liver is more difficult to implement because of our chosen lifestyle.




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