Lose Weight By Examining Your Inner Self

lose weight by examining your innerself

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Lose Weight By Examining Your Inner Self

Lose weight by examining your inner self. You see there is a reason you have excess weight. Weight gain is an external external reflection of a deep inner problem. Your body believes there is a reason why it needs excess weight otherwise you wouldn’t have it. So you need to ask yourself why do I need this excess weight? What’s the reason for having it? ¬†Spiritual teacher Teal explains more in this very enlightening video.

So as explained the only lasting way to lose weight is to examine your inner self and then to release the underlying need you have for the excess and you will see that the underlying reasons for needing excess body fat are probably not what you thought they are.

Losing weight is about releasing resistance to the current state of where you are by falling in love with it in any way you can, it is not about going on the latest diet programme, which you probably see as a punishment and won’t enjoy.

Then, it is about taking steps in the direction of the body you would like to have. This time from the place of wanting it because you love yourself instead of wanting it because you hate yourself. To lose weight examine your inner self and set a daily achievable goal as explained in the video and pretty soon you will be looking a the body you really want the world to see.

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