How to Avoid Weight Gain in Winter?

How to Avoid Weight Gain in Winter?


According to many studies, weight gain in winter is the common place for many of us during the winter months. Statistics show that four in ten women and one in two men gain weight in winter. Moreover, these approximately 5 kilos usually do not go away later. And it is frequently how obesity happens. However, experts found several reasons why it is hard to avoid weight gain in the winter. The first thing that changes with winter is an amount of light. When the days get shorter, we tend to spend less time outdoors. And less time outdoors keep us exercise less. For that reason, experts recommend choose some type of modest exercise and stick to it. If we cannot manage regularity in exercising, a good idea is to take a walk at least for 20 minutes a day. It will not only help us burn calories, but will help us feel better. Vitamin D is the essential vitamin that can boost our mood and help us keep our weight optimal. The short and regular walk will improve our mood, help us sleep better and absorb more vitamin D. We do not need a strenuous workout to maintain optimal weight. Regular activity and more time outdoors will prevent food craving and help us avoid adding extra kilos during winter months. On the other hand, production of melatonin increases during winter. According to researches, this hormone can trigger food cravings and the need for fatty and food. To find out how to avoid weight gain in winter, the article “5 Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight This Winter” gives us the following suggestions.

How to Avoid Weight Gain in Winter?

1. Schedule exercise, and stick to it.

2. Be wary of alcohol

3. Weigh yourself daily.

4. Weigh yourself daily.

5. Stock up on nutritional back-up snacks.

As a quick reminder, a few extra kilos are not dangerous per se, but their accumulation from one winter to another. And if we keep that in mind, it will help us to keep an eye whenever we need to and do some adjustments. For example, choose stairs instead of an elevator, opt for a sandwich with lean meat and a lot of salad, or walk a few blocks on our way to work. These simple adjustments can prevent us from weight gain in winter.

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