How to Deal with Deadline Stress

How to Deal with Deadline Stress


Deadline stress is the most common factor that raises up our overall stress level. It does not only ruin productivity, but it also harms our health. For that reason, many of us want to know how to deal with deadline stress effectively. On the one hand, we need deadlines that help us finish our tasks. If taken reasonably they can improve productivity. On the other hand, unrealistic deadlines, or deadlines that are not sufficiently planned, take a toll on our effectiveness and our health. However, many corporations in a constant search for productivity force employees to accept short deadlines that guarantee a lot of stress. At the same time, many people accept quickly deadlines without giving them a second thought. This is a mistake. Very soon, we usually find out that we do not stop and think how much time we really need for that specific task. Often, it happens when we are too familiar with the assigned task. Experts suggest taking our time to realistically evaluate deadlines. Furthermore, people who tend to be over optimistic about deadlines usually end up feeling anxious and stressful before given time limit. To prevent deadline stress, experts suggest breaking out a particular task on several parts and track the time we need to finish them. Only in this way, we will be able to realistically estimate the time and set optimal deadline. To find out more about how to deal with deadline stress, the article “9 Ways to Handle Work Deadlines and De-Stress Your Mind” gives us the following suggestions.

How to Deal with Deadline Stress

1. Make a list

2. Make a schedule

3. Seek help

4. Re-negotiate

5. Exercise

6. Nutrition

7. Watch commitments

8. Get to work earlier

9. Take breaks

If we have already accepted unrealistic deadline, experts suggest to find out whether the deadline is negotiable and flexible. Very often, when we negotiate accepted deadline, we realize that it is not that strict as we thought before. In many cases, quality comes before quantity. But, experts also warn us about the most common mistake about deadlines – perfectionism. Sometimes, we do not need to deliver a perfect version, we just need to stick to priorities and deliver on time. By giving up of perfectionism, we will also release deadline stress.

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