Health Benefits of Cocoa

Health Benefits of Cocoa


Until the 16th century, cocoa and its health benefits were known for Mayan only. After Spanish explorer found the New World, the other part of the world got a chance to experience miraculous health benefits of this plant. In the past, hot cocoa drink and hot chocolate were used as medicine, especially to improve the mood. Later scientific studies have confirmed its positive effects on our feelings and mood. However, cocoa had far greater benefits than an antidepressant. It contains powerful antioxidants that influence our heart health in a positive way. Cocoa powder contains twice as much polyphenols than red wine. It prevents arteries from clogging and makes blood thinner. Studies have also shown that people who consume cocoa on a regular basis have less chance of heart attack and stroke than people who do not. The cocoa powder’s powerful effects come to their fullest in preventing cholesterol to oxidize. Namely, it is not bad cholesterol that leads to cardiovascular disease. It is an oxidation process of LDL cholesterol that represents a great threat to our heart health. For its extraordinary properties, cocoa also prevents arteries from hardening and lower blood pressure. It helps our veins and arteries become more elastic. Furthermore, cocoa’s health benefits do not stop with cardiovascular health. Cocoa finds its use in treating skin problems, diabetes, obesity, constipation, bronchial asthma, and even cancer. To find out more about the health benefits of cocoa, the article “10 Fabulous Health Benefits of Cocoa Powder” lists the following.

Health Benefits of Cocoa

1. Cocoa contains more antioxidants than green tea
2. Cocoa is a great source of magnesium
3. A cup of hot cocoa is far better than a bar of chocolate!
4. It helps you think better
5. It is good for your heart
6. It reduces stress
7. Cocoa is an anti-inflammatory
8. It gives you a boost of energy
9. It contains only healthy fats
10. It can help you lose weight

Even though cocoa shows many health benefits, medical experts warn us to use it wisely. For its caffeine content, they do not recommend more than one cocoa drink a day. They also warn people who use some medicine on a daily basis, to be cautious about drug interaction. The best way to prevent any contraindications and experience health benefits of cocoa is to consult their physician.

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