Treating and Managing Insomnia

Treating and Managing Insomnia

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Have you been having a lot of sleepless nights lately? Do you often toss and turn trying your best to catch even just the slightest tinge of sleep? Then, maybe you are really suffering from insomnia.

A lot of experts have agreed that insomnia is brought about by the dysfunction of the thyroid gland. Unknown to most people, the thyroid gland is the main creator of many important hormones in the body. These hormones, in turn, greatly affect an individual’s metabolism that contributes to one’s body clock.

Treating and Managing Insomnia

Insomnia does not just cause nights of sleeplessness for some people. Researches have stated that insomnia could also make its patients feel irritable and depressed. Other people with insomnia also experience lack of concentration and focus. There are also studies saying that insomnia can cause physical changes to those who have it. These range from pale skin and coarse hair to headaches and irregular menstrual cycles. Some people with insomnia also complain of having the feeling of being tired even if they are not doing anything.

Although insomnia seems to bring about several negative situations, there are still ways by which one can alleviate the condition:

Consulting a doctor

Of course, the best advice would always be to consult a doctor regarding your sleeping problem. Although insomnia can be primarily caused by hypothyroidism, it is still best to ascertain it. There might be other things that are causing your sleepless nights.

Avoiding caffeine

Steering away from caffeinated drinks such as sodas and coffee can help stimulate drowsiness during the night. Start stopping yourself from consuming these make-me-wake-up drinks.

Setting a regular sleeping time

Practice sleeping by lying on the bed during a particular time of the night. This would help you make your body be aware of the right time to sleep.

Taking thyroid supplements

Thyroid supplements are very much known for their effectiveness in improving the function of the thyroid glands. Take these supplements as prescribed by your doctor.

Winding down

Let your body relax by doing sleep-inducing activities such as reading. Avoid doing strenuous activities like exercising two hours before your sleeping time as this could only pump up your energy.

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