Treatment for Diverticulitis

Treatment for Diverticulitis

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When designing a treatment plan for diverticulitis, a doctor will concentrate on clearing up the infection, controlling the inflammation, resting the colon and also preventing any complications from occurring or if they have already occurred then the doctor will want to minimize the damage from the complications. When designing a treatment for diverticulitis, the doctor will take into consideration, the individual’s age, severity of symptoms, how many acute episodes the individual has had, and if there are any complications present.


Doctors will typically treat those who are younger than 50 more aggressively as they are more prone to recurrent attacks, and complications that the doctor will want to head off.


Treatment for Diverticulitis

Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics and rest for the colon. Part of resting the colon includes avoiding eating any whole grains, fruits or vegetables for a few days. Mild symptoms usually improve within a few days with treatment at home of rest, and antibiotics.


If the patient with diverticulitis does not experience any complications, the antibiotics prescribed for the condition should clear up the diverticulitis within just a few days, if the condition has been caught early.


If the condition has not been caught early and there are complications to the diverticulitis than emergency surgery may be required.


Diverticulosis is the inflammation and infection of pouches in the colon called diverticula. These diverticula are caused by an increase in pressure in the colon usually resulting from pushing during constipation.


The aging process, which weakens the colon, a low-fiber diet and constipation all, contribute to the formation of diverticula.


Most individuals, even those with diverticula already forming can avoid diverticulitis by eating a high-fiber diet.


To help the colon to rest the doctor may recommend bed rest, a liquid diet, and a pain reliever.


If the individual is experiencing an acute attack of diverticulitis with severe infection a hospital stay may be necessary. The usual course of action for an acute attack of diverticulitis is bed rest, antibiotics and a liquid diet. Usually the antibiotics are given by injection into the vein or surgery may be required if the case is severe.


Surgery is indicated when part of the colon needs to be removed and the remaining sections rejoined (colon resection surgery). This surgery can help to prevent complications. Sometimes this is necessary when a fistula or intestinal obstruction occurs, or if antibiotics alone do not correct the problem. If a large abscess, perforation, peritonitis, or continual rectal bleeding occurs, surgery is also indicated.

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