Zooming in on tobacco control

Zooming in on tobacco control

The number of people dying from smoking-related incidences has alarmed a lot of people worldwide. Thousands, if not millions, die of lung cancer and other diseases practically caused by smoking over a lot of countries. It is for this reason that concerned groups and citizens of the Unites States have continuously patrolled for stricter tobacco control.

Zooming in on tobacco control

Last 2007 alone, a lot of states in the United States of America have taken notable moves to protect residents from the harmful effects of smoking. As the habit of smoking contributes to the health conditions of many people, laws were made to ensure that public spaces are protected from smoke. Declaring public places and work places as smoke-free areas, people would be guaranteed that they can assert the right to have smoke-free air in these areas.

Aside from this, smoking has also been linked as one of the causes of unexpected fire in private and commercial areas. Cigarette-caused fires have become alarming according to studies made by experts. Thus, smoking prevention is now also considered as fire-safety measures in some states across the country.

Advocates of the American Lung Association also encouraged US states to employ and create stricter smoking rules in 2006. The organization’s call was eventually heeded and acknowledged. In the District of Columbia alone, at least 22 states have been reported to create laws that will protect all of its citizens from encountering secondhand smoke. In the same district, at least 43 states have employed higher tobacco taxes. This kind of laws makes cigarettes more expensive, thus discouraging people to buy.

A lot of people believe these kinds of measures are very important in the fight for a smoke-free air. Raising tobacco taxes, alone, guarantees a fall down in the number of people who consume cigarettes due to its high costs. Stronger legislation is also a good move against smoking. This gives any citizen the right to remind a smoker to stop smoking in public places. State laws and higher tobacco taxed are the perfect combination to ensure a smoke-free country—something that a lot of people would love to have.

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