Why to Embracing Insecurity?

Why to Embracing Insecurity?

Many of us work very hard outwardly as inwardly to feel safe. A majority of us place security at the top of our priorities. However, according to various spiritual practices, our world is constantly changing. Everything around us is in a constant state of flux. Moreover, our thoughts and emotions are constantly changing. And all of that suggests that we live in the world where the safest component is change. It might be the very reason why we are so obsessed with security. On the other hand, our society values perfection and does not accept average. In this highly individualized culture where everyone is haunted by the idea of perfectionism, it is almost impossible not feeling insecure. But, psychological experts believe that embracing insecurity is actually a good thing. When we accept our human nature and natural flaws, we will feel more comfortable in our own skin. When we stop beating ourselves up for not being perfect and accept our average traits, we will feel more compassion for ourselves and to other people. With more self-compassion and self-love, we will be able to offer more empathy to other people. As a result, our relationships will be better. To learn more about why to embrace insecurity, the article “How to Embrace Insecurity and Live the Life You Deserve” gives us the common benefits.

Why to Embracing Insecurity?

Here are the benefits of insecurity in its deepest meaning:

– living in the moment, not in the past;

– letting go of regrets, fear, doubts and expectations;

– becoming more confident, powerful and in control of your life;

– emotional freedom;

– enjoying life;

– living at a higher level, where emotions, feelings and thoughts are stronger than objects, positions and places;

– trying new things, meeting new people, welcoming new opportunities;

– get better at school, work, your hobbies, with the projects and plans you have and in your relationships;

– leaving your comfort zone (because we all know that life starts at the end of it).

According to Oliver Burkeman, a Guardian writer, we feel insecure when our skills are not developed enough. He believes that insecurity is actually a good thing. For him, it is a call for action. Insecurity can motivate us to improve the skills that can help us do the task we feel insecure about. When we get our preparation task done, we will feel more competent and more confident. We simply know that we can face a challenge no matter what. But, the first thing to do is to embrace insecurity and learn to be our best friend.

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