Myths and Facts About Protein

Myths and Facts About Protein

We hear a lot of myths about protein these days. Namely, many people believe that eating a lot of protein is a good thing. However, recent studies show that people who eat too much protein are overweight and are at high risk for developing cancer. Moreover, eating too much protein can lead to kidney malfunction and subsequently to dehydration. Medical experts believe that many of us eat more protein than we actually need. Only three categories of people need more protein than average. Pregnant women, athletes, and older people need 25 percent more protein than average 50 grams. Yet they need far less protein than many of us eat these days. Another myth about protein is that eating this type of food will improve our muscles. It is not surprising that without regular exercising regime and strength training we cannot develop strong muscles. Moreover, people over 50 need more quality food and good exercising plan to prevent sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the loss of muscles that appear with aging. To learn more about the myths and facts about protein, the article “9 Protein Myths You Should Stop Believing” lists the following.

Myths and Facts About Protein

1. There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Protein
2. Powders Can Substitute Whole Sources Entirely
3. Your Body Can Digest A Lot In One Sitting
4. Everyone Should Eat The Same Amount
5. Whey-Based Protein Will Make You Fat
6. Vegans Need Complete Proteins
7. Increasing Protein Increases Muscle Mass
8. You Can’t Go Wrong With A Protein Bar
9. Protein Shakes Are Your Only Post-Workout Option

Among the common myths and facts about protein, we should address the belief that eating more protein will help us lose weight. Namely, many people believe that sugar makes them fat and eating more protein will keep them full longer. However, experts warn us it cannot be further from the truth. They believe people who eat more protein than they need risks more weight gain. The surplus of protein will be converted into fat. Because of that experts suggest omnivorous diet as the best possible option. It guarantees that we will not go to extremes and our body will get a variety of foods essential for its optimal functioning.

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