How to Overcome Insecurity?

How to Overcome Insecurity?

Many of us feel insecure from time to time. It is our normal human response to life circumstances. Often, we feel insecure in just one area of life. For example, someone can feel self-confident in business settings, but shows as insecure in relationship issues, or vice versa. No one is confident all the time and in all areas of life. Psychologists believe that a majority of us are simply average. The problem is – we live in the society that value only extraordinary traits that are pretty rare. Our society despises average. Because of that, many of us are constantly beating ourselves up for our average traits or the traits below average. This collective perception puts a lot of pressure on many of us. It can be the very reason why many of us feel not good enough. To overcome insecurity, the first and the most important step is self-compassion. We need to understand deeply ourselves, because we are the one who knows what was our path in the past, how we feel, what we believe, etc. Self-compassion may help us embracing our flaws and our average qualities. Psychologists believe that a majority of people actually has the average qualities. But, many of us are ashamed to see ourselves as average. Without that step, we cannot fully accept and love ourselves. To learn more about how to overcome insecurity, the article “6 Steps for Overcoming Insecurity and for Regaining Your Self-Confidence” gives us the following explanation.

How to Overcome Insecurity?

Step 1: Identify Your Insecurities

Step 2: Practice Being Objective

Step 3: Reflect on Your Successes

Step 4: Assess Your Circumstances

Step 5: Engage in Positive Self-Talk

Step 6: Make a Full Commitment

To answer the question – how to overcome insecurity – we need to develop self-compassion and accept ourselves as who we already are. Life is not about perfection. When we dissect any success story, we will discover that each of the stories consists mostly of failures. Successful people are not afraid that they will be seen as less than perfect. They are not afraid to fail and show vulnerability. They might feel insecure at the moment of failure, but they do not allow insecurity to stop them.

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