Conventional Treatment for Gallbladder Problems

Conventional Treatment for Gallbladder Problems

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When you experience gallbladder problems, you want to find the best treatment possible by discussing the matter with your doctor. You should mention any allergies or other medical conditions you have so that the doctor can figure out which medication works the best for you. Some conventional medications may include surgery or medications depending on the doctor you visit. If you receive a prescription s treatment, you want to follow dosage instructions carefully to avoid negative reactions or overdosage and if you feel the medication is not effective, ask the doctor about receiving another type of medication.

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 Gallbladder Removal

 If your gallbladder is giving you a lot of trouble to the point that you are experiencing pain and discomfort in your stomach, you should consider gallbladder removal surgery. After the surgeon removes the gallbladder, the bile that is produced in the liver will go to the small intestine and your digestive system will work better again.

Non Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

 The gallstones  can also be treated by using non steroid anti-inflammatory drugs if the pain is minor and it hasn’t progessed to the point where surgery is needed. If you don’t want to feel sleepy after taking these medications, you can purchase NAIDs that are anti-drowsiness. If you are taking medication for other illnesses, you may not want to take the NSAIDs because they could interfere with them.


 Sometimes the gallstones can be relieved by taking antibiotics and this works primarily for those who have a gallbladder infection rather than gallstones and who have infection symptoms such as a high fever, stomach pain and frequent vomiting. Not all with gallbladder infection can take antibiotics so you should discuss any medical conditions you have before using antibiotics.

Medicines That Dissolve Gallstones

 Some gallstones are so small that you do not have to get surgery to remove them or get the gall bladder removed. In this case the doctor would prescribe medicines that dissolve the gallstones within hours after taking it. There are also over-the-counter medicines you can use to dissolve small gallstones.


 With this treatment, the doctor places a catheter into the gallbladder and he then adds a liquid solution through the catheter that gets rid of the gallstones. This is a good option if your gallstones are medium-sized but not so severe that you will need the gallbladder removed.


 Generally gallstones are not life threatening but they hinder your digestive system from working properly. You can use the above mentioned conventional treatments to eliminate gallstones and gallbladder infections and within hours or days you will feel better and be able to resume your normal activities. Before you try an unknown or untested medicine for gallbladder problems, you want to check with the doctor first to ensure that it’s safe to use.

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