Natural Treatments for Gallbladder Problems

Natural Treatments for Gallbladder Problems

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If you’re allergic to certain medications, you should consider natural remedies because if the gallbladder problems are minor, these remedies can cure them quickly and you save money on expensive medications and surgical procedures. The salesperson at the natural health food store can give you advice on home remedies for gallbladder issues and there are also blogs you can read on this subject. If you have friends who have cured their gallbladder problems with alternative treatments, ask them for advice on choosing the best home remedies.

Natural Treatments for Gallbladder Problems

 Make A Beet and Pear Salad

 Since beets and pears have been known to cure gallbladder problems, you can make a beet and pear salad. In a bowl combine one cup each of chopped beets and pears then add a little honey and olive oil before eating.

Anise and Turmeric Tea

 Anise and turmeric are spices that relieve gallbladder pain that results from an infection and if you drink two to three cups of it a day, your gallbladder pain will cease within hours. Add olive or coconut oil to the tea because they also cure gallbladder issues.

Pectin Rich Foods

 Foods that are rich in pectin such as apples and citrus fruits are excellent for gallbladder problems because they help to keep gallstones from forming in the body. You also drink a few cups of apple or citrus fruits per day so that your gallbladder will function properly and not become infected. Apple cider vinegar is also good for this purpose.

Hydrangea Supplements

 The Native Americans used hydrangea to treat gallstones and kidney stones and you can purchase hydrangea supplements at a few drugstores, the natural health food store or from online health retailers. If you’re not sure which brands to use, you can ask the salesperson or read reviews in health magazines.

Vegetarian Lifestyle

 If you get gallstones frequently, you should consider vegetarian living because increased consumption of meats and fooods that are high in fat and cholesterol often contribute to the development of gallstones. Research the benefits of vegetarianism for your digestive system and purchase cookbooks that give pointers on cooking vegetarian meals.

Bump Up The Vitamin C and E

 Some people get gallstones because they are deficient in vitamins C and E and if this is why you have frequent gallstones, you should increase your intake of foods igh in these vitamins such as citrus fruits and leafy greens. Also take supplements of these vitamins daily to boost relief and prevention of gallstones.


Gallstones and gallbladder infections are painful and uncomfortable but with the right treatment it is possible to get rid of them and resume a normal life. Your gallbladder is not necessary in order to have a well-functioning digestive system but you should still maintain it since it benefits your digestive system.

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