Acid Reflux And Men

Acid Reflux and Men

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Acid reflux is a medical condition in which the stomach’s acids go up to the person’s esophagus and the main reason for this is because the esophageal sphincter that divides the stomach and esophagus closes improperly. One of the main symptoms of acid reflux in men is constant heartburn and another cause of acid reflux in men is the unhealthy diet they consume on a regular and some men get acid reflux because they eat their meals too fast. If you have a family history of acid reflux as a man, you are also at getting this condition at times throughout your life.

Acid Reflux And Men

 Other Symptoms of Acid Reflux in Men

 Aside from heartburn, you may also get symptoms such as difficulty in swallowing, bitter taste in your mouth after eating, chest pain and hoarseness. If you sense these symptoms you need to see the doctor right away because this may mean you have acid reflux.

Treating Mild Acid Reflux

 Most people who have acid reflux have mild symptoms of this condition and you get antacids from the drugstore since antacids do a good job of treating mild symptoms. Another medicatiion you can take is prescriptions that the doctor would recommend if the over the counter antacids do not work to solve the problem. Some people with frequent or severe acid reflux may get a surgery called a gastroplication and with this procedure, you would have the esophageal sphincter closed up properly to precentnacid reflux in the future.

Food That Men With Acid Reflux Should Eat

 A healthier diet is another way you can reduce acid reflux in your body. Stay away from acid-filled foods such as tomatoes and citrus fruits because they worsen the acid reflux and caffeinated foods and drinks are also not good for men who get acid reflux frequently. Spicy foods shouldn’t be eaten because this irritates the esophagus. Aside from these foods, you are free to eat any foods you like that are healthy such as whole grains, milk, yogurt, fruits and vegetables and lean proteins.

Am I Getting A Heart Attack Instead of Acid Reflux?

 If you experienced a heart attack in the past or do not know the symptoms of a heart attack, you may mistake acid reflux for a heart attack and here is how you can tell the difference. When you get a heart attack the heart does not get enough oxygen due to a lack of blood circulation. Like acid reflux, you will experience chest pain but unlike acid reflux you will also experience shortness of breath, sweating and dizziness as well as fatigue.Those with heart failure may experience pain in the facial muscles unlike acid reflux. If your chest pains are not going away after a few days or even hours, visit the hospital right away.



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