Hair Loss In Men

Hair Loss In Men


Male Alopecia

Male alopecia is another word for hair loss  in men and while it can happen to men of all ages, it happens the most to older men. The causes of hair loss in men vary and these include the result of an injury or skin disorder, aging, genetics, stress from life’s challenges, effects of chemotherapy to treat cancer and other reasons. If you are a man who noticed a lot of shedding in your hair, you should meet with the doctor to get treatment.

Hair Loss In Men

 Good Products for Hair Loss in Men

 If you are experiencing hair loss as a man, there are some products you can use to regain some of your hair. Finasteride is a prescription that is given who struggle with hair loss and it is a steroid that blocks the growth of DHT, a hormone that has been known to cause hair loss in men. Men who use this product generally see an improvement within four months. Minoxidil is also a popular hair loss product and comes in topical form. The disadvantage of this medication is that it doesn’t work permanently once you stop taking it. Saw palmetto is an herbal supplement that has been shown to reduce hair loss in men.

 Some doctors prescribe propecia to men who suffer from hair loss and the purpose of propecia is to stop a man’s testosterone from turning into DHT, which is the culprit behind hair loss. Another good product that men can use is Nizoral shampoo because according to the Journal of Dermatological Science, Nizoral has been very effective with increasing hair growth.

Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Hair Loss

 Another way men can reverse hair loss is by avoiding smoking since smoking decreases hair growth. Since vitamin deficiency could cause hair loss in men, it is important that you get an intake of vitamins through foods and through supplements. If after doing these things you still have hair loss, it could be family genetics that causes the hair loss.

Getting Emotional Support for Hair Loss

 Men with hair loss often struggle with self-esteem issues and if you need emotional support, you should talk with your spouse and children so that they can offer the encouragement you need and you can also talk with your trusted friends about how you’re feeling. If you start to feel depressed over this issue, you can meet with a licensed psychologist to discuss the emotional problems.


 Men like to feel and look confident in their physical appearance and when they lose their hair, it puts a dent in their confidence. If you are losing your hair it doesn’t mean that you cannot look great because some companies offer wigs specifically for men with hair loss that are stylish and easy to maintain. Finally, when you focus more on your other physical and mental qualities as well as your overall character, you will experience less stress and you will be happier.

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