Why Should You Stop Smoking Cigarette

Why Should You Stop Smoking Cigarette

Image courtesy of hinnamsaisuy at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of hinnamsaisuy at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Much has been said and written about the effects of smoking on individuals, the environment and the society in general. However, these pools of resources seem to have not been enough to make people run away and turn their backs on nicotine products such as cigarettes and tobacco.

Smoking has been the culprit behind alarming numbers of death. Moreover, it has also been one of the causes of air pollution. If you are still counting and looking for reasons why you should quit on smoking, here are some pieces of reality:

Smoking promotes the depletion of Mother Nature.

You might not be a green advocate but for sure, you are becoming alarmed by the changing weather and climate patterns. Air pollution is linked to a lot of other things that cause the depletion of the environment. This, in turn, leads to the abnormal changes we see in the climate nowadays.

Nicotine intake promotes the impairment of bodily functions.

As studies have pointed out, smoking takes out the oxygen from the blood that is pumped to the body’s organs. Once this kind of scenario pushes through, you can expect organ malfunctions that could cause illnesses, if not, death.

Secondhand smoke can cost the lives of your lived ones.

People around you, smokers or non-smokers alike, are bound to have smoking-related diseases sooner or later. There are even researches that have proven that second-hand smoke can double the risk of having this kind of diseases. Spare your loved ones from lung cancer, tuberculosis and the like by quitting smoking now.

Smoking causes you to age prematurely.

Go and be checked up by your doctor. Smokers who have been into the habit for a long time are likely to have organs that are older than themselves. Be checked-up to see how old your organs are now.

Smoking can kill you.

Forget about having to live and see your great grandchildren. Smoking a cigarette stick alone costs a minimum of 7 minutes of your life. Smoke a pack or more and let’s see how many minutes of your life are left to waste.

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