Top 10 Amazing HEALTH BENEFITS OF GINGER. Nowadays everyone wants to know the best wayto get fit and healthy. Many try differenttypes of exercises, like going to the gymor checking out videos for at-home workouts. Others, however, prefer to try and get healthyby changing and improving their diet. One things people try to incorporate intotheir diets are herbs and spices. One spicein particular that can bring so many healthbenefits is ginger. This might sound strange;how can taking ginger to improve your health?Well, in today’s video I will tell you thetop 10 health benefits of ginger and everythingyou need to know about the amazing spice!Please watch the video until the end and ringthe notification bell. So you don’t missany videos. #1 Can Stop and Prevent Nausea. Ginger is well known for its ability to helpget rid of nausea. I’m sure many of youhave had that feeling before when you aren’tfeeling well or have perhaps eaten somethingthat doesn’t agree with you and you getthat horrible feeling in your stomach likeyou might be sick at any moment. Well, gingercan help you with that. It works by breakingdown and expelling gas from the stomach andintestines and therefore prevents you fromfeeling nauseous. It’s a role in keepingyour digestive system functioning properlyand blood pressure stable is also thoughtto be a way in which ginger helps preventsickness. This amazing benefit of ginger has made itgreat for helping with seasickness, morningsickness in pregnancy, and in helping preventmotion sickness. It has also even been usedfor cancer patients, as after chemotherapythey can often feel very sick and nauseous,so ginger is given to them to help try andmake that feeling subside. #2 Reduces Muscle Pain and Soreness. Whilst on your quest to eat healthier, you’llmost likely also be doing some exercise toaid in getting fit. Well, I’m sure mostof you understand all too well how sore yourmuscles can get after working out, and howyour muscles can ache for days after. Gingercan help this. It has been proven that ifyou consume ginger before exercise then it reduces muscle paincaused by the exercise of all different sortsof intensity. It is especially good for anyworkouts that involve arm or elbow movementsand also for cycling. #3 Helps in Reducing Risk of Cancer. You might be surprised to find out that gingercan actually help in reducing your risk ofgetting all different types of cancer. Thisis because ginger has properties that preventthe damage of cells, which is what is responsiblefor causing cancer. Therefore, having about2 grams of ginger a day has been proven tohelp in reducing your risk of developing cancer. More research is needed on this property ofginger, but it seems extremely hopeful. #4 Ginger is Anti-Inflammatory. One of the major benefits of ginger is thatit is an anti-inflammatory. This has madeit an amazing remedy to help in conditionssuch as arthritis and osteoporosis. If youhave any other inflammation-related issues,then just have some ginger and it’ll helpspeed up the recovery process. #5 Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Oxidative stress and inflammation can acceleratethe aging process, including increasing therisk of the age-related condition of Alzheimer’sdisease. Ginger is not only anti-inflammatorybut is also anti-oxidative, and so these twoproperties combined mean that ginger can helpin lowering your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Using the same properties, it also helps toimprove overall brain function, and so cankeep you feeling young at mind for longer!#6 Helps Manage and Lower the Risk of Diabetes. Ginger has been proven to help people withdiabetes to manage their condition and hasalso been shown to actually lower an individual’srisk of developing the condition at all. Thisis because ginger lowers our blood sugar levels,with one study showing how having 2 gramsof powder every day over the course of 12weeks leads to a reduction in blood sugarlevels of over 10%. What is also great isthat this reduction isn’t just temporarybut is actually a long-term change. As diabetesis characterized by a high blood sugar level,you can see how ginger can be so helpful. Ginger can also help to regulate insulin levels,which is another thing that is important fordiabetics. #7 Improves Digestion. Another health benefit of ginger is that ithelps our digestive system. So, it helps usto break down food and remove anything wedon’t need. It does this by promoting enzymesin our stomach which are needed for digestion,and by helping to speed up the movement offood and waste products through the digestivetract. This, therefore, means ginger alsohelps to prevent constipation (which is somethingI’m sure no one likes experiencing!)Ginger also helps to break down and expelgas, and so prevents us from suffering fromtrapped wind or feeling any sort of discomfortafter consuming food or drink. #8 Reduces Menstrual Pain. This is one that the women will be particularlyhappy about! Menstrual pain can be debilitatingand make it difficult to do almost anything. Well, ginger can help to reduce any pain feltduring a woman’s menstrual cycle. A studyshowed that women who took only 1 gram ofginger a day at the start of their menstrualcycle experience significantly less pain andfewer cramps than normal. How great is that?!#9 Eases Cold and Flu Symptoms. I’m sure almost all of you have had a coldat some point, you may even be suffering fromflu-like symptoms now! It can be such a painin the winter months when your nose feelsall stuffy and you have to stay in bed witha box of tissues next to you. Well, havingsome fresh ginger can help to relieve someof those flu-like symptoms such as a blockednose or sore throat. This is because gingerhelps protect our respiratory system, andso when suffering from a cold it helps tofights off virus cells in our respiratorysystem. #10 Great for Cardiovascular Health. Finally, ginger is great for our hearts inso many ways. It has been proven to help antiplateletactivity, which prevents blood cells frommerging and clotting, and so, therefore, reducesyour risk of having a stroke. Furthermore,ginger has been proven to reduce our levelsof cholesterol by breaking down certain lipoproteinswhich are bad for our heart. This, therefore,benefits our cardiovascular health and preventsour arteries from getting blocked. So, there you have the top 10 health benefitsof ginger. It can help to lower your riskof numerous different diseases and can allowyou to live a better quality of life for longer. To get your daily dose you can put a coupleof teaspoons into a morning smoothie, or maybetry some ginger-infused teas. It is alwaysbest to have it in the morning as then itmakes it easier to remember to take it everyday and will become part of your daily routine. So, head out today and grab some ginger rootsor ginger extract, incorporate it into yourmeals, and you’ll be a health machine inno time!If you like my content, please let me knowin the comment section below. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t missout on my future videos. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share. Stay Healthy.

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