A quick guide to preventing your penis from smelling

Processed with VSCOcam with x4 presetWe know this one’s a tricky subject, but we’ve still decided to write about it, because we know for sure that there are many men out there that struggle with penis odor. If you’re among the unlucky ones who have encountered it before and if your lady has suggested you wash your groin area before engaging in intercourse, we’re sorry, but this post is for you.

So what could be the causes to your penis smelling? It is really not that difficult to imagine. Let’s say you go jogging and you pick up a pair of tight shorts. How would that make you feel? Around 10 minutes in, you’d be all sweaty. There’s bacteria that lives in that sweat and if you have the poor habit of getting dressed in tight underwear, you have a really high possibility of smelling fowly down there.

The presence of pubian hair is another cause for excessive groin sweating and therefore smelling over there. Try shaving your testicles from time to time, not only because it’s a nice little habit that almost all men should have, but because it’ll make you feel better and see your penis better. If you’re really hairy down there, you actually have the opportunity to see your penis in real length, for the first time.

Odors are very rarely caused by infectious issues. If you see any sort of rash or secretion coming out of your penis, you need to go to the doctor right away. Even in the case of venereal disease, symptoms aren’t extraordinarily severe. The penis is an organ that need to be washed thoroughly, gently and the area also needs to be correctly dried.

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