How to Stop Smoking in a Second

how to stop smoking

how to stop smoking

How to Stop Smoking in a Second

This article on how to stop smoking looks at your inner self. The fact that smoking is the primary cause of a lot of fatal diseases is enough reason for anyone to quit from the habit. However, not all people find quitting as easy.

Some smokers who plan to quit smoking have ended up enrolling at expensive and time-consuming quitting programs and still go back to smoking way before they finish their programs. Others make use of various products like nicotine patches and herbal inhalers to make them stop or lessen their nicotine intake. However, they, too, also fail.

There are stories of success but there are a lot of stories about failure to quit from smoking. The programs and products involved should not be blamed. Look in the mirror and find out who is responsible for these unsuccessful attempts.

Every program and product is designed to aid smokers in quitting. They were not made to make the decisions for the smokers. This integral part of quitting lies to oneself.

If you have been trying to quit smoking for several times and failed, here are some suggestions:

Take the time to reflect.

Why do you want to stop from smoking? Answer this question honestly and focus on it for a while. Look back on what have caused you to want to stop smoking. Weigh down these reasons and evaluate their importance.

Set it as a goal.

Use the reason why you want to stop smoking as a goal and inspiration. Treat is as something that you want to achieve. Motivate yourself to reach that goal.

Pack yourself with discipline.

Every step and improvements you achieve can easily be gone in a snap if you let your discipline slip. In short, everything that will happen in your life would depend on your actions. Allowing yourself to light up one cigarette would mean the destruction of the whole goal you yourself have setup.

Remind yourself of the benefits of your decision.

Quitting smoking has a lot of advantages. Count these perks and use them as a way of inspiration. Look at it as though they are the guide to a new life ahead. How to stop smoking is never easy but once you have forcefully made up your mind then you really can stop in a second.

Here is an inspirational video of one womans fight with nicotine addiction and her story on how to stop smoking.

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