How to Quit Smoking without the Weight Gain

How to Quit Smoking without the Weight Gain


A lot of people who have started to quit smoking stopped in the middle of their tracks because the process made them gain weight. Although this may be enough reason for some individuals, keeping the habit of smoking can cause a lot of other disadvantages and some of them can even lead to death.

How to Quit Smoking without the Weight Gain

The truth about weight gain

As the body adjusts to the lessened nicotine intake, there are a lot of changes that you will notice. One of these is weight gain. Smokers who quit will definitely have noticeable weight gain in their first few weeks. It is because not smoking slows down the metabolism of the body. This leads to the accumulation of calories which contributes to weight gain.

There is no need to be worried as those who quit will only gain an average of five to seven pounds throughout the process. It’s like regaining the body that you had when you started smoking.

This weight gain can still be managed. If you are really conscious of your weight, follow these simple steps:

Always rehydrate yourself.

Drink lots of water each day. Follow the immaculate rule of drinking at least eight glasses everyday and you’ll find that you won’t be craving for that much of food. Water also helps liquefy and flush out toxins from the body.

Substitute fruits and vegetables.

Get away from sweet and starchy foods as much as you can. When you feel the need to eat, munch on fruits or whip up healthy meals like vegetables and fishes.

Exercise regularly.

Do some calorie-burning activities or regular exercises. These activities will let your blood circulate like never below. This, in turn will give you the energy and inspiration to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of quitting smoking

Weight gain is a temporary downside of quitting smoking. Compared to the benefits you will enjoy, it is just but a small part of the whole picture. Quitting smoking will lead you to have clearer, smoother skin. You will also notice the disappearance of yellow patches from your nails. To top it all off, having a smoking-free life will give you better chances of enjoying life to the fullest.

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