How to Cultivate a Successful Mindset?

How to Cultivate a Successful Mindset?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

According to psychologists, what makes a difference between successful and unsuccessful people is their mindset. Namely, according to Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, a growth mindset is necessary if we want to lead a successful life in the long run. The growth mindset enables to be open and learn from our experience, accept life difficulties and failures as challenges, and maintain passion and positive attitude to our job. People who have the growth mindset are less identified with their achievements and results, and they are not afraid to start something new. Successful people are good at taking responsibilities for their mistakes and failures. They are aware that taking responsibilities is the first step to learning from failure and move on further. On the contrary, people who have a fixed mindset usually blame other people for their mistakes and stay stuck in negativity. In this way, they are not able to learn from their experience because they refuse to tackle the problem and find a better way to solve it. Frequently, failures represent hidden blessings. If we used them wisely, we can develop stronger skills and invent new solutions. After that comes the hard work, lifelong learning, devotion, persistence, and experience. To find out more about how to cultivate a successful mindset, the article “4 Traits of a Strong Mind” gives us the following tips.

How to Cultivate a Successful Mindset?

Here are 4 traits which play a role in helping us build a strong mindset:

1. A strong mindset requires us to have powerful, vibrant and encouraging thoughts that are created by the self.

2. A strong mindset requires a healthy physical body

3. A strong mindset is built on knowledge, understanding things deeply and then applying it

4. Self-Discipline, Self-Control

Delaying short term gratification for long term happiness is paramount for success in so many areas of life. Ask any successful person in any field if success was truly ‘overnight’.

People with the growth mindset more willingly take risks because they are not afraid of failure, as we have seen. The attitude of a lifelong learner brings them a lot of knowledge and experience. Even though they could be less talented than the people with the fixed mindset, it is more likely that they will be more successful. According to experts, talent is not enough. It can be enough only in genius. In any other case, it is only the first step – potential.

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