What Can Trigger Gout?

What Can Trigger Gout?

What Can Trigger Gout?

What Can Trigger Gout? Gout appears as a result of accumulated crystals of uric acid in our joints. They accumulate because of a higher level of uric acid in our bodies. This situation can occur for two reasons – either our body produces too much uric acid, or it is unable to eliminate a surplus of uric acid. Gout usually forms at the base of a big toe, but it can also appear on ankles, fingers, foot, or some other joint. It represents some form of arthritis that mostly affects men. Some people can experience a single attack, while others can suffer from recurrent gout. If that is the case, experts suggest proper treatment from professional, because an untreated goat can severely damage attacked joint. And, this process is irreversible. To reduce a possibility of another gout attack, experts suggest changes in our lifestyle. Namely, dehydration, excessive consumption of alcohol, poor diet, lack of exercise, fructose beverages, and certain medication can cause a gout attack. For that reason, medical experts recommend drinking a lot of water, especially in summer months when our body can quickly lose water. They also recommend eating foods that do not have purines, a substance that increases the level of uric acid. The foods that contain a lot of purines are red meat, seafood, anchovies, sardines, salmon, liver, and spinach. Alcohol drinks, particularly beer, should be avoided. Experts only suggest drinking a glass of wine after a meal, because wine in moderate amounts will not raise the level of uric acid. To avoid another gout attack, experts advise us to learn more about triggers. Even though they can be unique for each particular case of gout, the article “9 Surprising Triggers of Gout Pain” gives us the nine most common triggers of a gout attack.

What Can Trigger Gout?

— Aspirin

— Diuretics

— Dehydration

— Extra weight

— Fasting

— Injury

— Uncomfortable shoes

— Family history

Sometimes, gout attack can appear as the consequence of high blood pressure or can be a part of any serious illness such as diabetes, heart disease or kidney failure. To prevent its complications, medical experts suggest a thorough examination by taking a blood test or checking the joint fluid on uric acid crystals.

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