Prostate Screening Test

prostate screening test

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Prostate Screening Test

Prostate screening test – It is no longer news that prostate cancer is a disease that affects men majorly. It has an effect on the male reproductive system more particularly the prostate gland that promotes the sperm that is being produced.

That is why it’s very paramount for all men to be well informed about this kind of cancer in order for them to identify what to do to avert it from happening to them or to know the kind of treatment they need if they already have it.

Prostate screening test is very vital because it can be of help in detecting early enough the circumstance and also the kind of treatment that be carried on victim by medical professionals.

Discovering prostate cancer early enough at the initial stage will have a good diagnosis and this can be discovered by different screening ways.

The two most used ways are the PSA tests (prostate-specific antigen) and the DRE (digital rectal exam) to screen for prostate cancer. However, numerous men are still wondering if the test is reliable.

  • PSA tests (prostate-specific antigen) test

It is formed by the prostate gland in the blood. A little amount is only detected in the bloodstream and is found typically in the semen.

However, with certain rise in the levels as indicated from the blood test, it indicates issues on the prostate gland of the male patient and it can be due to the development of malignant prostate tumor or benign.

Most men with no prostate cancer have PSA levels below 4 nanograms per milliliter of blood. But, research has shown that above 10% of men who are below level 4 will have prostate cancer on a biopsy. In the case where PSA level is high, your physician may possibly advise you to wait and do the test again, or obtain a prostate biopsy to discover if you have cancer.

However, it has been noted that race, older age, pressure, medicine, extra-large gland, ejaculation and others are some factors that might be responsible for the high and low PSA levels. But studies have shown that many men make use of this test as their prostate screening test option. There has however been some controversy recently as to the effectiveness of this test.

  • DRE (digital rectal exam)

Apart from the PSA tests, digital rectal exam can also be used. It is done by inserting lubricated, gloved finger into the rectum to check for lumps or any irregularity. Most men do think that this method is awkward.

In case if you are still thinking about which is more reliable, you have to consider your own body system.

And since, studies have shown that most men with prostate cancer make use of the PSA tests and you are thinking of using it too, as your prostate screening test method, then you have to consider age, family history, and danger factors and as well discuss with your doctor before doing anything.


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