Hello Friends and Patients!In Today’s episode we will discuss on the10 Genuine Home remedies for hair loss andhair thinning for both men and women. Some of these are proven to work and havea scientific basis while other natural remedieshave no scientific background and either donot work, or act through a placebo effect. Before we start, please make sure you havesubscribed to our channel along with the bellnotification, so that you get notified wheneverwe upload another useful episode. Well!There are many Hair loss solutions and treatmentslike hair fall shampoos, lotions and pills!There are 100s of products that claim to curehair loss. Which one can you trust?Now, Lets list out the 10 natural remediesfor hair loss treatment based on researchstudies conducted in various years. Some of these might be very helpful, whetheryou’re trying to regrow hair that you’ve lostor simply like to improve your existing hairor to treat hair thinning. And all Links & references to these researchstudies on hair loss remedies are providedin description below this video. 10. Head Massage: Gently massaging your scalpin circular motion and pressures, can improvethe blood flow to the scalp hair folliclesand stimulate hair growth. Doing this at least twice daily is found tobe helpful. This can not only strengthen your existinghair, but it also proven to treat hair thinning,specially if its due to nutritional deficiencies. Supplements like biotin, collagen, vitaminC, zinc and others, along with scalp massagewill revert your hair back to normal within3 to 6 months if the cause is due to nutritionalfactors. In addition, head massage also relieves stressand anxiety!Before I list out the other remedies for hairloss, you should know that hair growth isprimarily determined by genetics and on anindividual’s overall health. But the good news is!These are natural remedies and have no sideeffects!So, why not try these!Whether singly or in combination, these canhave an impact on your hair!And also remember ! any treatment must befollowed for atleast 6 months to see any kindof result. 9. Aloe Vera: Fresh aloe vera gel extract froma leaf has great anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces scalp inflammation specially inseborrheic dermatitis and dandruff and reducesitchiness and scaling to a considerable extent. Studies also say, it stimulates blood circulationand improve delivery of oxygen and nutritionto hair follicles. So, Now!How to use Aloe vera gel?- Cut a healthy leaf from aloe vera plant. – Peel one side of this and Scrape out thegel using a spoon. – Apply this gel directly to your scalp andmassage in circular motions. – Leave it on for an hour or two and thenwash off with a mild shampoo. – Use this two or three times in a week foratleast 6 months consistently to see any results. 8. Ginseng: Taking ginseng supplements can promotehair growth by stimulating hair folliclesand blocking the hormone DHT – Di HydroxyTestosterone. The active ingredients in ginseng are calledGinsenosides. Ginseng is a special short plant with fleshyroots and the Asian variety is consideredthe best because it contains these activeingredients for hair stimulation. There are many supplements with ginseng availableto purchase online. The link to this research study is providedin description below. And one more point to note: Ginger and Ginsengare not the same!7. Coconut Oil: Though Coconut oil contains sevendifferent types of fatty acids like the caproic,caprylic, capric, lauric acid, etc, thereis no study to prove that coconut oil promoteshair growth. It is only a good conditioner and improvesthe luster of your hair, especially if youhave dry hair. It also protects your hair by coating it andprevents damage to your hair shaft. Some recommend mixing lemon into coconut oiland apply on hair. This is not proven to promote hair regrowth. 6. Onion Juice: Onion juice has been shown tosuccessfully treat patchy hair loss also knownas alopecia areata by promoting hair growthin bald areas or patches. But only one such study is conducted in theyear 2002 and with a small number of onlyabout 38 patients. Also, it is not proven to grow hair in malepattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. I have discussed about onion juice and hairgrowth in a detailed episode. You can find that link in the video descriptionbelow. 5. Garlic: Similar to onion juice, a 2007 researchstudy found that applying garlic paste alongwith betamethasone valerate cream on baldareas produced more hair regrowth than usinga placebo treatment with the steroid creambetamethasone. Again, this study was conducted only in 40patients with alopecia areata and not androgeneticalopecia. Much like onion, garlic is also full of mineralsand vitamins that might help, but no properscientific evidence found. Applying a paste of blended garlic clovescan be tried as a home remedy for hair losswithout any adverse effects. Do let me know the results if you have triedby commenting below!4. Viviscal: Viviscal is an oral hair growthsupplement containing a wealth of vitamins,minerals, and amino acids said to combat hairthinning. The key ingredient in Viviscal is the AminoMarMarine Complex, which contains shark cartilageand oyster extract powder. Studies have been conducted on this many timesand all studies have shown its efficacy inhair thinning patients in both male patternbaldness and female alopecia. I recommend using this for stage 2 and 3 andto treat hair thinning in combination withminoxidil. You can watch stage wise treatment of maleand female pattern baldness from links indescription or from the end screen of thisvideo. 3. Biotin: Biotin, zinc, copper and collagensupplements or from foods rich in these sourcesare also very useful for hair regrowth ifused in conjunction with other treatmentslike minoxidil. 2. Jojoba Oil and Rosemary Oil or any other Oil:These have no effect on hair growth and hairregrowth and these work similar to coconutoil as already discussed!1. Licorice roots: Licorice is thought to opensskin pores and strengthens weakened hair folliclesby its antiandrogenic, anti-inflammatory,antioxidative, angiogenic, and hair-stimulatingfeatures. It is also found to be helpful in hair lossdue to telogen effluvium. One last and very important natural DHT blockerto mention is Saw Palmetto. This is a proven remedy for androgenetic alopecia. This is also used for the treatment of prostateenlargement. There are many supplements available whichcontain this substance. Links to all these research studies are providedin description below, for your reference. 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