How to Naturally Increase Testosterone

How to Naturally Increase Testosterone. Fight
the hormonal drop that occurs as you age withthe following testosterone-boosting tips.
You will need Zinc-rich diet Organic meatand produce Reduced body fat Sleep Relaxation
techniques Loose-fitting clothes Sex VitaminsA, B, C, E, and Omega 3 and weight-lifting
regimen . Step 1. Eat foods highin zinc, such as oysters, beef, liver, crab,
seafood, nuts and seeds, salmon, cheese, beans,and yogurt. Zinc may help prevent testosterone
from being converted into estrogen, the femalehormone. Up your intake of Vitamins A, B,
C, and E and Omega 3, as well. Step 2. Avoidpesticides, artificial growth hormone, and
steroids commonly found in commercially grownfood. These chemicals contain xenoestrogens
— man-made estrogens that lower testosterone. Choose organic meat and produce instead. Step
3. Reduce your body fat to reduce estrogenand increase testosterone. Lose weight gradually
–1 to 3 pounds a week. Lift weights to workseveral large muscle groups. Bench presses
produce more testosterone than bicep curls. Step 4. Sleep a minimum of 6 hours each night
— eight hours is better. Men who get littlesleep produce less testosterone than men who
sleep at least 6 hours. Step 5. Stop worryingand control your temper to lower your stress
level and minimize your body’s productionof cortisol, a stress hormone that shuts down
testosterone production. Step 6. Wear looseclothes to keep genitals cool — and testosterone
production running strong. Avoid long, hotbaths and hot tubs, which can also overheat
your genitals and inhibit testosterone production. Step 7. Boost testosterone by seeking sexual
stimulation as often as possible. Gettingan erection causes testosterone to rise significantly
— and is perhaps the most entertaining wayto increase the male hormone! Did you know
Young, healthy men produce up to 7 milligramsof testosterone each day.

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