What Food Can Help Us Survive Summer Heat?

What Food Can Help Us Survive Summer Heat?


Hydration is crucial to surviving the summer heat. But, drinking huge amounts of water only is not enough. Namely, the human body loses a lot of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes through perspiration during the summer heat. If we want to keep our body in balance, we need quality food that will replenish our resources. Nature provides us with many foods that can hydrate and nurture our body during the summer heat waves. We can juice them, blend them, make a salad, or eat them fresh. Some of them are good for a soup. According to experts, one of the best soups to eat during summer is gazpacho soup. This Andalusian specialty contains all necessary ingredients mixed together in the delicious meal. There are many variations of gazpacho soup, but its basic version is simple. We can make pasta with olive oil, garlic, stale bread, and salt. Adding ripe tomatoes, vinegar, and some water will make the perfect summer dish. To learn more about what foods can help us survive the summer heat, the article “Cool Foods to Eat This Summer” lists the following.

What Food Can Help Us Survive Summer Heat?

– Fruit with yoghurt

– Vegetables

– A baked potato or pasta salad

– Tzatziki

– Watercress

– Mint

– Onions

– Marinated meats on barbecues

– Bananas

– Melons

Juicing and blending are also good ways to get more vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables. Drinking fresh juice before exercise or after it will replenish the loss of electrolytes. However, if we want to do it fast, fitness experts recommend making a juice with added water. The water content should be 50 percent. In this way, as they believe, the diluted juice will go into our blood stream faster, bringing the cells essential nutrients as soon as possible. Having that in mind, we may prepare many variations to survive the summer heat. Some people add yogurt instead. But in that case, we made a powerful meal, but it is not as effective as diluted juice if we want quick results.

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