Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is a condition that is often underrated since it is not a serious disorder in itself but it can wreak havoc on people’s lives by dint of the misery it brings, and any useful tinnitus treatment would be welcome news for many. One can only imagine what it must be like for a sufferer to have a constant ringing, buzzing, or other obtrusive sound in their ears the whole time, or for much of the time. An article here may explain how researchers may have come up with a revolutionary new tinnitus treatment:

“In the UK, around five million people suffer from tinnitus, a debilitating condition which can be exceptionally difficult to treat due to the huge variation in symptoms and severity between individual patients.”

Dr Derek Hoare, at the University of Nottingham and the Medical Research Council Institute of Hearing, says:

“We know there are very many people out there suffering with tinnitus who have tried a number of different treatments including hearing aids, sound therapies, counselling and other alternative medicines such as acupuncture but to no avail.”

The article states that there is a tinnitus treatment, that offers some hope for sufferers of this debilitating condition in the form of a new pocket-sized device that uses sound simulation to intercept or “reboot faulty” “wiring” in the brain. It explains:

“The CR® neuromodulation device delivers specific sequences of sounds to disrupt the pattern of neurons firing in the brain. It is believed that conditions such as hearing loss can cause neurons in the brain to fire simultaneously instead of in a random pattern which can cause an overload and lead to a ringing or buzzing in the ear, the classic symptom of tinnitus.” “Tinnitus is a secondary symptom usually resulting from damage to the ears, including hearing loss following exposure to loud noises, congenital hearing loss, ear infections and ear hair cell death caused by exposure to a number of different drugs.” “The researchers hope to be able to prove that by disrupting the abnormal firing of neurons in the brain the device can encourage them to return to a normal healthy pattern, eradicating the symptoms of tinnitus. In some cases, patients may find the device has permanently improved their symptoms, with potentially no further treatment needed in the future.” “The revolutionary CR® neuromodulation device is already being marketed by the private healthcare sector both in the UK and in Germany, where it was originally manufactured and where an exploratory study has already produced promising results.”

Tinnitus is such a troublesome issue for many people that a good deal of funding for research for a tinnitus treatment has enabled this device to be produced, and there is also a possibility of drugs being made to deal with the problem. Researchers in Leicester have discovered that nerve cells in the brain activated by sound can become over excited by loud noise and hence fail to return to their normal resting state but instead keep firing causing the sensation of continuous noise. The researchers hope to find a drug treatment to overcome this problem. Sufferers from the condition say that any effective tinnitus treatment, even if only giving temporary alleviation, would be for them a life changing miracle.

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