Me, Myself and I: A Quit Smoking Guide

Me, Myself and I: A Quit Smoking Guide

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

They say that cigarettes are tobacco rolled in paper with a fire on one end and a fool on the other. The popular joke could really be considered half true. As studies on smoking have repeatedly suggested, smoking can really kill. This means that lighting that oh-so-tempting stick is like slowly putting out the fire of your life.

Me, Myself and I: A Quit Smoking Guide

Although there are a lot of resources and products that could make you stop smoking, all these would not go into effect without your consent. Picture the scenario. You may be enrolled to a quit smoking program that you attend regularly. But once you get home or when you feel urge to, you can’t contain yourself from lighting up that single nicotine stick. Wouldn’t this be an outright waste of time, effort and money?

Every little thing that will happen in the next days of your life is a product of your decisions. So, don’t put the blame on the quit smoking program or products that you have. They aren’t effective because you did not give them the chance to be. The blame is solely on you.

Here are some guidelines on how you can trust yourself to quit from smoking:

Re-assess your life.

Take the time to reflect on your life and see how smoking has affected it. Did it make you feel sick? Or did it contribute to the deterioration of your body? Smoking can really cause your physical appearance to worsen. Check out what it has done to you.

Imagine your future self.

How you see yourself in the future will affect your decision to quit or not to quit from smoking. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle for you and your family, then maybe now is really the time to quit the habit.

Do everything that could help you attain that future self.

Leave no doubts and carry no what-ifs. Plunge into everything that could help you achieve that future self. If that means saying goodbye to cigarettes and tobaccos forever, then so be it. A little sacrifice is worth a seed that can be reaped someday.

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