Is it Possible to Overcome or Prevent Hypothyroidism Part 2

Is it Possible to Overcome or Prevent Hypothyroidism Part 2

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Image courtesy of satit_srihin at

The first part of this article has talked about the nature of hypothyroidism. To shed further light, hypothyroidism is a condition that exists in the thyroid gland. This part of the body that can be found in the front of the neck is very much responsible in the secretion of important hormones. These natural substances, in turn, heavily play a role in a lot of bodily functions. Needless to say, hypothyroidism can affect the whole body and the individual’s lifestyle.

Of course, anyone afflicted with hypothyroidism or those who would like to know how to prevent it would be interested in the root of the problem. There are a lot of studies determining the causes of hypothyroidism. However, only three will be discussed here:

Food intake

At first, it might be surprising to note that almost all illnesses and ailments can be caused by the food one consumes. Hypothyroidism is not an exemption. The manner, type and quality of the food an individual consumes can very well contribute to having hypothyroidism. Foods such as raw broccoli, radishes, brussel sprouts, raw turnips and cauliflower are very much known for the risk they pose to the thyroid gland. Overconsumption of these foods should be avoided.

Weight loss diets

Call it fad or fab, weight loss regimens may or may not work for you. Dieting to the extremes won’t do your thyroid gland, or any other body organ for that matter, any good. If you want to lose weight, do it the natural way, eat healthy and fiber rich foods. Pair it up with regular exercise and you’ll surely lose those fats fast.


Your present illnesses could contribute to the development of hypothyroidism. The drugs you use to alleviate or treat these illnesses may cause a side effect to other parts of your body as well. Medicines for treating depression are known for their function to reduce thyroxine. When taken without proper advice by a medical expert, these types of drugs could just very well cause hypothyroidism. Thus, it might be best to stick to natural ways of treating and managing illnesses.

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