Having Vegetarian Guests for Dinner

Having Vegetarian Guests for Dinner


If you are not yourself a vegetarian, cooking for a vegetarian can be intimidating. How will you choose a meal to prepare? Especially if you typically eat meat main dishes, going meatless may be uncertain territory. How will you know what’s good? How will you know what’s easy? How will you ensure that the meal you make is balanced as far as nutritional value as well as appetizing flavors? These questions might seem unanswerable to an untrained vegetarian cook, but the options are simple. If you are new to vegetarian cooking, the following hints will get you on the road to a beautiful and flavorful company meal.

Having Vegetarian Guests for Dinner

Splash Some Color on the Table
One of the easiest ways to make sure the meal you prepare contains balanced nutrition is to include a wide variety of color. Don’t be afraid to have too many side dishes. One of the best parts of having guests over is to offer a wide variety of choices. You get to try cooking several different things, your guests may pick and choose what they like and you can almost guarantee that the table will be beautiful and full of filling food. There are a few colorful foods that could be included on nearly any menu.

Fruit salad includes tons of color in one dish. Fruit is a crowd pleaser and is packed with great nutrition. It is easy to make and familiar to almost everyone. If you would like, you can even substitute your fruit salad for a sugary or fatty dessert. Many of your guests will appreciate the fresh variation from typical dessert. A mix of strawberries, mangoes, melons, pineapple and grapes will be complimented well with some ginger.

Sweet potatoes are a super food. By including simple baked sweet potatoes you will offer your guests a vitamin rich starch that is light and satisfying. Sweet potatoes are great just baked with some butter and brown sugar or mashed with a little added vanilla or lemon.

Seafood is sometimes an acceptable option for a vegetarian protein. Be sure to ask your guests before you make plans to cook seafood however. A shrimp cocktail before dinner will introduce some protein early, while baked whitefish with herbs is a fantastic and beautiful main dish. If fish is not an option, don’t worry. There are plenty of other protein options. Risotto is a great starch to use with incorporated squash and nuts. Sprinkle a little bit of fresh parmesan on top and you will have created a satisfying, summery main dish. In the winter, try a pot of meatless chili. Beans are an excellent source of protein.

Once you have investigated a few more options, it’s time to put together a complimentary meal. As long as you offer a wide variety of color on the side of your main dish, you will be sure to receive great reviews. Your friends will be impressed that you could pull together such a beautiful and satisfying meal. And all you have to do is try some new recipes and splash the color freely.

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