Good Foot Care

Good Foot Care


Feet are an important part of our body that carry our weight. Despite this, they often receive less attention and care. We think about them when we feel discomfort, painful calluses, or foot problems. Even though foot problems can be annoying, there is no better preventive measure as good hygiene. Everyday foot care, using an antibacterial lotion or powder, and proper and comfortable shoes can prevent many foot ailments. Regular foot care means using water and soap during the bath, with emphasize on good and complete drying afterward. Bacteria like wet surfaces and can spread very quickly on our skin. Also, the medical powder absorbs excessive sweat and prevents the fungi from spreading. Furthermore, right shoes allow our feet to breathe and do not make calluses and corns. Apart from basic hygiene, the article “Five Foot Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy” gives us additional tips on what to look for and help our feet stay healthy.

Good Foot Care

Inspect your feet regularly; it can make a difference in preventing infections in your feet.

Nail fungus can start off in a tiny little area of the nail and can expand to the entire nail if not detected early. Check for cracks in the skin between your toes and heels after showering. Ingrown toenails can develop without any warning due to cutting your nails incorrectly or from tight shoes. Cut your nails straight across and round the edge with a nail file, and also check to make sure you have enough wiggle room in your shoes. Cracks in your heel are known as fissures and, if not properly cared for, can cause pain standing and walking in shoes or sandals. Using moisturizing cream with urea will help eliminate those types of foot problems.

Select the right shoe for the right activity.

Whatever sports activity you participate in, use sports-specific shoes. Running shoes are for running, aerobic shoes are for aerobics, tennis shoes are for playing tennis. Wearing shoes that are not designed specifically for the sport you are performing can lead to potential foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, arch spasms, heel spurs and tendinitis. Most athletic shoes do not have adequate arch support. Custom made orthotics made by a podiatrist or medical professional will provide the additional arch support needed. Alternatively, over-the-counter arch supports that can be found on line or at sporting good stores will also provide the necessary support your foot needs.

During summer months, our feet are much more exposed to outside microorganisms that can cause fungal infections. Medical experts recommend using flip-flops in public areas, such as swimming pools, public showers, or hotel’s bathrooms, especially the shower cabinets. They also advise us not to use flip-flops and sandals that do not correctly support our feet, particularly for long hours. A good hygiene also means choosing cotton socks and changes them regularly. Men, whose feet sweat a lot, can change their socks more frequently and make antifungal powder inevitable in everyday care. Experts also recommend shopping shoes only in the afternoon hours, because our feet reach their largest size. It is not strange if we acknowledge that our legs and feet swell during the day. In this way, we can ensure the right size of shoes that fit well on our feet.

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