Free advices on how to quit smoking

Image courtesy of graur codrin at

Image courtesy of graur codrin at

Free advices on how to quit smoking

You have probably tried to stop yourself from smoking a couple of times. After several attempts to not reach out for that cigarette box, you always find yourself failing. What may be causing these unsuccessful moves are a number of factors. For one, you might not be really be fully committed to your decision. Secondly, you might be doing the wrong quitting moves.

Quitting smoking is not something that is easy to do. Of course, there are a lot of hardships involved in this kind of quest. To help you reach a successful no smoking day, here are some of the tips you should consider:

Do it slowly.

Don’t force your self to abruptly stop smoking. Bear in mind that the process involves careful timing and mind and body-conditioning. You can’t just refrain from not smoking. You should do this kind of move by following a step-by-step process. Gradually lessen the number of cigarette or tobacco sticks that you consume each day. Do this little by little so your body could adjust from the lessening nicotine intake.

List down your reasons for quitting.

You might be very aware of the negative effects that smoking can bring. If these are your reasons for quitting, list them down on post-it notes and stick them to places you would often go in the morning like the bathroom and your closet area. Motivate yourself by using these reasons as inspiration. Your list should not necessarily state the negative. Put it in a brighter light. Instead of writing smoking can cause lung cancer, write down I want to be free from lung-cancer. Doing so will give you a feeling that quitting smoking is not a burden but a challenge in the road of your goals.

Be strict with discipline.

The problem with people learning to quit smoking is inconsistency. Never let your argumentative mind rule your decision. Don’t treat yourself with a stick of cigarette after months of not having one. Remember that one stick could very well lead to two, three, four or even a whole pack. Snatch away that kind of temptation.

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