How to Exercise If You Have No Time?

How to Exercise If You Have No Time?

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A majority of people do not exercise because they think they have no time. According to fitness experts, it is often an excuse. They suggest redefining our motives and priorities. They advise us finding the ‘why’ behind the need to exercise. If our ‘why’ is strong, it will give us the purpose and endurance to exercise continuously. When we place exercising at the top of our priority list, every physically inactive time like watching TV, talking on the phone, and so on, will be used for it. It is no matter if we have one chunk of 30-minutes time or 3 times of 10 minutes – every empty time slot will not slip away without being acknowledged. High priority will direct our focus to the space between our daily activities. For example, we can go for a walk while we make phone calls. We may also opt for phone calls rather than texting or sending e-mails. Another example is to park a few blocks away and go for a walk. Fitness experts also recommend getting familiar with a few simple exercises that we can practice whenever we sit or stand and are able to do a simple workout. A good rule of thumb is to avoid common conveniences like taking elevator, escalator, or car whenever we can. Just a five minutes of climbing stairs every day will make significantly improve our heart health. To find out more about how to exercise if you have no time, the article “How to Fit Exercise into Your Routine—No Matter How Busy You Are” gives us the following tips.

How to Exercise If You Have No Time?

1. Work Out Efficiently

2. Cater to Your Own Likes and Dislikes

3. Use Competitions as Motivation

4. Make a Schedule and Commit to It

5. Track Your Activity Levels

6. Choose Something Over Nothing

As we have seen, many ideas can help us transform our lifestyle from passive to more active one. The most important thing is to find an answer to question “how to exercise if you have no time” is to find the activity or activities that work for us. If we are comfortable with it, we will feel no effort and enjoy the new habit.

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