Why Setting up the Evening Ritual Is Essential for Success

Why Setting up the Evening Ritual Is Essential for Success


Morning and evening ritual are important in the life of every successful person. What we usually do in the morning and how we feel when our day begins setting up the tone for the whole day. Our mind depends on a good morning ritual. However, to establish a good morning ritual we need to focus on a preceding evening. If we finish our day too late, drink a lot of alcohol to relax, eat junk food, and go to bed late at night, our morning ritual will not end well. We will wake up tired, drowsy, and without energy. It is opposite of the idea to start our day fresh, enthusiastic, in a good mood, and ready to take action. For this reason, setting up the evening ritual seems more important than focusing only on the morning routine. The idea of setting up the evening ritual is to help us prepare for the following day. We need some time to relax, reflect on our daily activities, let go of our worries, forget our business tasks and problems, and enjoy our time before we go to sleep. To encourage us to set up the evening ritual, the article “Five Things Successful People Do Before They Go to Bed” gives us valuable tips.

Why Setting up the Evening Ritual Is Essential for Success

Spend Time with Family

Successful executive often have a difficult time drawing the line between work and personal life, simply picking work back up upon arrival at home. The time to decompress with family is essential. As David Brooks points out, a happy marriage (and by extension a happy family) is more important than a good job to one’s well being.


Successful people read prodigiously. The reading should not always be about topics related to work, mind you.

Plan in Order to Relax the Mind

It may seem counter-intuitive that thinking about one’s plans will help calm the mind, but having a well documented plan means that you can rest knowing that the plan will be there when you awaken.

Turn Off the Cellphone and Other Computing

The sounds emitted by mobile phones, computers, and tablets are needless distractions when you are drifting off to sleep. Quell that issue by turning them all off. This will allow you to focus on one thing at a time, whether it is your family, reading, or planning.

The part of the every routine can be a brisk walk or casual walk, depending on personal choice. Taking a walk before going to bed helps us calm our minds, let go of tension, take more oxygen, and relax. Many people report steadier sleep and better dreams in those nights when they take a walk. There is one more interesting idea that can make our evening routine more amusing. Namely, for morning persons evening is a time when the creative abilities are raising. Scientists interpret that increasing of creativity during the evening hours happens due to the relaxation of our mind and loosening our logical thinking. Thus, the evening becomes the period when our imagination becomes strong and enables us to find creative solutions and ideas for many problems. Considering that we are all different, it is not surprising that each of us need different evening ritual. Every evening ritual should be tailored to a single person and her/his affinities and sensibilities. To get more ideas about the evening ritual, we can read biographies of successful people and get inspired. It might be that many of those rituals will not work for us, but at least, they can motivate us to find our own.

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