Effects of Food

Effects of Food

“The Effects of Food on Your Mood”

Food plays a major role in physical fitness, but what about your emotional fitness? It is obvious that in order to be healthy one has to practice good eating habits, but research has proven good eating habits can do more than just slim down that tummy. Food can actually act as a major psychological mood booster.

Eating foods high in sugar and saturated fats (chips, cookies, and candies) has obvious negative effects on the body such as weight gain and increased risk to certain illnesses. However, these foods have negative effects on an individual’s emotions, as well.

“Junk foods” can lead to feelings of depression. Many times, people continue to eat this food without realizing it is the reason behind their unhappiness. Since they never reach a level of satisfaction, usually people will continue to eat, believing that if they eat enough, they will finally be able to achieve a level of satisfaction or happiness. Sadly, this becomes a vicious cycle that can result in obesity and future emotional problems.

Consumption of healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables can lead to increased happiness, confidence and an overall positive attitude. The more of these foods that are consumed the more positive feelings that are created and the best part is that the good feelings linger. Eat a few apples on Monday and the good feelings will carry on for the next few days.

But what is the main difference between “junk foods” and healthy foods that causes them to have such opposite effects? As stated above, while “junk foods” are full of fats and sugars, fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and antioxidants. These nutrients can create chemical reactions in the brain that lead to the release of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, that lead to a better attitude. The nutrients in “junk food” create the opposite chemical effect.

The effects of food are not limited to just “junk foods” and healthy foods. There are some foods that may appear healthy, but in actuality are high in the nutrients we want to avoid or limit. An example of such a food is steak. Between a bag of chips and a piece of steak, many Americans would choose steak as the healthier option (protein, right?). However, steak is also high in saturated fats and calories (depending on the size of course) and can have the same negative effect as “junk foods.”

So, to conclude the effects of food are dependent on the food. Beyond that, remember that everything is good in moderation so eating a slice of pizza will not create a spiral of depression. However, turn that one slice into six slices a night, add some chunky ice cream on the side and there will be more problems than a pudgy gut.


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