Benefits of Solitude

Benefits of Solitude


In our modern society and the era of social networks, many people have less and less time for themselves. Many men are overly busy, involved in so many connections that rarely go beyond from a superficial level of relationship. A modern man tries to juggle various roles – team member, husband, father, son, friend, brother, etc., trying to satisfy all expectations that come from other people. In this way, it is very easy to lost the most important connection – with ourselves. Without a good relationship with ourselves, a man will be hardly capable to make beneficial relationships with others. That is the very reason psychologists suggest spending some time alone. Time spending alone is not the time of loneliness, if the man is aware how necessary and helpful it is. There is the great difference between solitude and loneliness. While solitude is the valuable time that can help the man to relax, let his thinking mind to rest, and find peace, loneliness is a feeling of disconnection from others. To understand why solitude is important for men’s health, the article “Solitude: Where Your Life Is Waiting” describes its benefits.

Benefits of Solitude

Solitude provides opportunity to rediscover our lives. By “electing to intentionally withdraw from human relationships for a period of time,” we are able to remove the shaping influence of others and recenter our hearts on our deepest values. We are able to evaluate the assumptions, claims, and messages of our culture. Often times, we realize that these shaping forces have been incorrect all along. And we have lost our lives because of them.
Consider that when we embrace solitude…

• We intentionally remove the influence of others for period of time.
• We intentionally remove the expectations of others.
• We are able to hear our own heart speak.
• We find rest and refreshment.
• We discover that others can live without us.
• We find that the world does not rest on our shoulders.
• We can adequately reflect on our past and chart our future.
• We break the cycle of busyness in our lives.
• We become better equipped to show patience with others.
• We feed our souls.

For many men, there are different ways to spend some time solo. For someone, it can be jogging, running, walking through a nearby park, driving in an unknown direction, cycling, hiking, fishing, or meditating. Each of these activities can help a man to find peace, take a rest from overthinking, live in a present moment, and recharge his batteries. To do so, some men need a week, some day, others two or three hours, or even 15 – 20 minutes. Spending time in this way can be a good habit where man can find his own refuge from continuous life demands. Only after regenerating himself, he will be able to offer much more and make his relationships to work better.

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