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How to Avoid What-The-Hell-Effect

How to Avoid What-The-Hell-Effect The what-the-hell-effect is a phenomenon that is firstly registered among dieters. It has been firstly noticed by researchers Janet Polivy and Peter Herman. They found that dieters tend to give up completely when to break their goal for a particular day. Because of a sense of guilt, they tend to feel bad about themselves that leads further to overindulgence. The what-the-hell-effect makes people give up for one single fault. They lose bigger picture and are unable […]

How to Burn Belly Fat Fast?

How to Burn Belly Fat Fast? Belly fat represents a great danger to health. According to medical experts, even though a person is not considered obese, belly fat above average puts her into a dangerous zone. Namely, our body needs some quantity of visceral fat or the kind of fat that wraps our inner organs. However, when it grows to proportions, our body becomes susceptible to various diseases such as diabetes 2, heart disease, high blood pressure, even cancer. If […]

How to Speed up Metabolism

How to Speed up Metabolism When it comes to metabolism, many of us think about how to speed it up. However, there is no single food like coffee or green tea that can improve metabolism. To speed it up, we need to change our habits and adjust our lifestyle. For that reason, experts suggest not skipping breakfast that can wake up metabolism. They also suggest spending some time outdoors before noon, because daily lights run our biorhythm and help our […]

How to Get Six-Pack Abs

How to Get Six-Pack Abs When it comes to physical appearance, many men dream of getting six-pack abs. Even though age should not prevent men from getting six-pack abs, they need persistence and steady plan of diet and exercising. Although six-pack abs should replace a belly fat on the man’s abdomen, it is not enough to exercise only abdominal muscles. According to fitness experts, to develop well-shaped six-pack abs, it is necessary to train other groups of muscles that support […]

How Does Beer Affect Belly Fat?

How Does Beer Affect Belly Fat? Beer is the most popular beverage in the world, especially in men. It tastes good, has refreshing properties and ideal quantity of alcohol. For many men, it is a perfect drink. In spite of its popularity, beer has less favorable side – it causes belly fat to grow. But, how? In comparison with other alcohol drinks, it has a relative lesser alcohol quantity, c. 170 calories, results in men’s consumption of more pints of […]

What Fats Are Good and Healthy?

What Fats Are Good and Healthy? Fat cells are necessary for our survival. Without them, our body could not function optimally. They give us energy and the fat, we have not utilized, stores and accumulates in our body as energy reserves. Fat cells, also, help us to maintain thermoregulation. In adult men, fat reserves accumulate in certain body areas such as the chest, buttocks, and abdomen. But, what fats we need to include in our diet and what their benefits […]