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How to Prevent Burnout

How to Prevent Burnout We live in a high-achieving culture that deeply values productivity, material success and end results. Thus, many of us live under constant stress and pressure to work more, produce more, earn more, and spend more. This type of a lifestyle undoubtedly leads to burnout, sooner or later. Stephen Covey, an American best-selling author, and businessmen, who use a metaphor of eggs and hen for productivity and capacity for productivity, explains our tendency to focus on eggs […]

When Is the Right Time to Leave a Job?

When Is the Right Time to Leave a Job? Today, many people struggle with demanding, underpaying and unsatisfying jobs to maintain a certain level of material security. Many of them are usually unsatisfied with the lack of passion, low motivation, lack of purpose, inability to see a bigger picture, bad personal relationship, and so on. However, medical professionals suggest that emotional exhaustion in a long run can take a toll on our health. If we often feel emotionally drained, unhappy […]

How Forgiveness Can Improve Our Health

How Forgiveness Can Improve Our Health Our body and mind cooperate and are inseparable parts of our wholeness. Many types of research point out at forgiveness as essential part of our health. It is responsible for our healthy emotions, fulfilling relationships, and ability to enjoy our lives. Without forgiveness, all of these would be impossible. However, to understand what forgiveness is, we should first find out what it is not. According to psychologists, forgiving and forgetting are not the same. […]

How Empathy Affects Our Health

How Empathy Affects Our Health Today’s modern lifestyle imposes huge pressure on us and forces us to juggle various roles, different tasks, and numerous responsibilities. This constant pressure is the main culprit for our everyday stress. However, the latest research has shown that people who have more empathy are more resilient to stress and its negative influences. According to experts, people who are more able to feel empathy are less likely to pick up unconsciously negative emotions of those with […]

How to Be More Proactive

How to Be More Proactive Proactivity is not a habit that is good to have to be more productive and effective at work. Proactivity can help us to build better relationships with our closest ones and with a wider community, too. Proactivity helps us not only to organize ourselves better but to feel better about ourselves. Many people tend to think that we are proactive when taking an action and have initiative. However, according to experts, proactivity means take full […]

How to Restore Self-Confidence

How to Restore Self-Confidence Since prehistoric times, when men were supposed to be hunters, our society still imposed certain expectations that men have to fulfill. It has still been expected that men have to be achievers and providers for their families that cause great difficulties in men in the current time of financial crises. These difficulties are especially hard if a man finds himself identifying too much with the role of achiever and provider, while at the same time facing […]

Male Eating Disorders

Male Eating Disorders Exposed to a modern day society’s ideal standard of young, fit and perfect body, many young women has developed eating disorders. However, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics men are not far behind them. They can also suffer from bulimia, anorexia and binge-eating disorders. The overall preoccupation with the ideal of their self-image, many boys and young men in the race for this unobtainable perfection have suffered from the eating disorders similar to those in […]