What Food Can Alleviate Depression?

What Food Can Alleviate Depression?

Image courtesy of holohololand at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of holohololand at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We live in a society that favors material possessions and success above a personal level of happiness. This attitude can cause us to neglect our true feelings, needs and affinities to achieve what our society value the most. Many of us do not even allow themselves to stop occasionally and reevaluate their priorities. Some people have never tried to think over and redefine success. Moreover, many successful people, regarding business and money, claim that they finally achieve what they thought will make them happy and suddenly realize they miss their life completely. A lot of them feel empty inside and try to compensate this emptiness with more stuff, more work, more food, drugs, alcohol, etc. Simply put, they feel depressed. On the other hand, there are people who have not achieved great success in material terms and feel like victims of their lives and circumstances because of that. A big percent of them also face depression in certain periods. Even though depression reflects that our psyche lacks meaning and purpose, which is not that easy to find, there are studies that found organic component can also contribute to developing depression. According to them, certain food can decrease or increase our mood and our level of depression, especially if it has been consumed long term. Thus, coffee, alcohol, sugar, junk food and simple carbs can worsen the symptoms of depression. On the other hand, a lot of water, legume, whole grain, fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fats can affect our brain in a positive way and alleviate depression. To find out what food can alleviate depression, the article “10 Foods I Eat Every Day to Beat Depression” provides us with the list of foods.

What Food Can Alleviate Depression?

1. Dark Leafy Greens

2. Walnuts

3. Avocado

4. Berries

5. Mushrooms

6. Onions

7. Tomatoes

8. Beans

9. Seeds

10. Apples

Certain vitamins, such as vitamins from B group as well as vitamin D can also alleviate depression. One Spain study confirms the effects of folate on depression in men. It found that men who lack this essential vitamin are more prone to depression. In any case, healthy and balanced diet contributes to our sense of well-being, and if we add exercising, fresh air, and relaxing technique to remove stress we will significantly raise our mood, and during the time, we can even raise our level of happiness.

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