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Health Benefits of Apricots

Health Benefits of Apricots Health benefits of apricots are known for centuries. According to scientists, apricots have their roots in ancient India. This powerful fruit was on the menu of Greeks and Romans. Today, apricots find their use as a part of vegetable juice, salads, and as a fresh fruit. Their dry form is present throughout the world Even though fresh apricots possess many health benefits, some nutritionists think that dry apricots are not equally healthy. Namely, in a drying […]

What Are the Health Benefits of Beet Juice?

What Are the Health Benefits of Beet Juice? Beetroots belong to a group of super foods that have huge benefits to our health. Many studies confirm the benefits of drinking beet juice. The most positive effects are seen in improving heart health. Namely, beetroots are widely known for its detoxifying influence on our body as well as on our blood vessels. It decreases the LDL cholesterol and purify the bloodstream. Various researches have shown the benefits of beet juice on […]

Benefits of Berries for Heart Health

Benefits of Berries for Heart Health Although tinny and small in size, berries are powerful fruit that can fight against many chronic diseases, even cancer. They are rich in vitamin C (especially strawberries), flavonoids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants; they show as excellent as preventive agents for many diseases. They are good allies in losing weight because they hydrate and nourish our bodies without the intake of unnecessary calories. Frequently, the greatest enemy in weight loss is toxins. No matter how wonderful […]

Is Wine Really That Good for Your Health?

Is Wine Really That Good for Your Health? We all know that the wine has beneficial effects on our health, when it is consumed moderately. For men, moderately means one or two 4-ounce glasses of wine per day. The one study, conducted on a group of men with a high cardiovascular risk, at the University of Barcelona in Spain, showed that the red wine has very positive effects on men’s health. However, the effects of the two groups of men […]

Eating Habits after 40s

Eating Habits after 40s If you are a man in your 40s, and going through the middle age crise or you have just left it behind, it is a good time to redefine your values, find your new perspective in life and find more satisfaction in your everyday life. Despite the increased requests you can experience from the family, career, society or yourself, you can use this transition period for your own benefit and find more joy if you accept […]

What is a Super Food

“What is a Super Food” “What is a Super Food ?” Slimming down, toning up and keeping healthy is a common goal among men, especially when bringing in the New Year. But it takes more than just working out to get the desired body. Nutrition plays a critical role in this process and recently many men are turning towards “super food” to help them along the way. First, what is a super food ? Currently there is no official medical definition. […]

What are Antioxidants?

What are Antioxidants?   You may have heard the term “antioxidants” and that they are good for us but you may wonder exactly what are antioxidants and what do they do? An excellent article in News Medical explains all:  “An antioxidant is a molecule capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that transfers electrons from a substance to an oxidizing agent.” What are Antioxidants? “Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals, which start […]