How to Increase Intake of Antioxidants

How to Increase Intake of Antioxidants

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Image courtesy of OZphotography at

Antioxidants are essential in a defense system and work against the free radicals. They have an ability to neutralize negative effects of free radicals on our health. According to medical experts, activities of free radicals can significantly damage our cells and can cause irreversible changes in our DNA. They are a frequent cause of many diseases like cardiovascular diseases, various forms of cancer, sterility, liver disease, etc. New researches show their influence on speeding up the process of aging. Their rapid growth usually appears when certain environmental factors such as pollution are present. But, there are additional factors that can hasten their progress. Inflammatory processes in the body, a poor diet, some medicines, intoxication, etc., can significantly raise negative effects of free radicals. But, how can we increase intake of antioxidants and prevent the free radicals from rapid spreading throughout our bodies? The following article titled “The Best Food Sources of Antioxidants” lists the most useful sources of antioxidants.

How to Increase Intake of Antioxidants

Small red bean (dried), 1/2 cup, 13,727

Wild blueberries, 1 cup, 13,427

Red kidney beans (dried), 1/2 cup, 13,259

Pinto beans, 1/2 cup, 11,864

Blueberries (cultivated), 1 cup, 9,019

Cranberries, 1 cup (whole), 8,983

Artichoke hearts, 1 cup, 7,904

Blackberries, 1 cup, 7,701

Prunes, 1/2 cup, 7,291

Raspberries, 1 cup, 6,058

Strawberries, 1 cup, 5,938

Red delicious apples, 1, 5,900

Granny Smith apples, 1, 5,381

Pecans, 1 ounce, 5,095

Sweet cherries, 1 cup, 4,873

Black plums, 1, 4,844

Russet potatoes, 1 cooked, 4,649

Black beans (dried), 1/2 cup, 4,181

Plums, 1, 4,118

Gala apples, 1, 3,903

With aging, we need to evaluate our diet and consider increasing intake of antioxidants. Apart from diet, we also need to think about our lifestyle, level of stress, and exposure to pollutants. Maybe we cannot change our environment, but we certainly can change our lifestyle. Letting go of some bad habits such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, etc., can significantly strengthen the antioxidant defensive system. We can also adopt good habits, like meditation, walking in nature, cultivating positivity, and so on. These habits will increase the body’s answer on spreading of free radicals and help us feel better. Together with increasing intake of antioxidant, a healthy lifestyle can be a key factor to slow the aging process and lower the level of free radicals.

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