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Causes of Itchy Scalp and Dandruff

Causes of Itchy Scalp and Dandruff Itchy scalp can appear as a result of various factors. In many cases, dandruff is responsible for itchy scalp. However, what we see as dandruff in commercials is not actually dandruff, according to experts. Namely, the tiny white flakes that we mistakenly see as dandruff are dead skin cells that occur because of dry scalp. Dry scalp is the most common phenomenon than dandruff per se. Aggressive chemical hair products, poor diet, hot water, […]

How to Cope with Baldness

How to Cope with Baldness According to statistics, men baldness hits sooner or later, nearly 70% of men. Although, for some men baldness is not an issue, for younger men or the men who build their self-esteem on their good-looks, it can become a huge problem. Although, many men are not prone to discuss their emotions about the process of balding, emotional changes are present in most cases. A whole range of negative emotions can appear, such as shame and […]

The Right Hair Care Tips for Men

The Right Hair Care Tips for Men hair care tips If you are looking for hair care tips, these might make your hair feel and look better than you could ever imagine. Some of the most important areas of hair care are reflected in how you look after your hair every day and not what you need to do once in a while. The most important care that you need to consider is the person that you allow to cut […]

Hair Loss In Men

Hair Loss In Men Male Alopecia Male alopecia is another word for hair loss  in men and while it can happen to men of all ages, it happens the most to older men. The causes of hair loss in men vary and these include the result of an injury or skin disorder, aging, genetics, stress from life’s challenges, effects of chemotherapy to treat cancer and other reasons. If you are a man who noticed a lot of shedding in your […]

Vitmain D Is Good For Hair Loss

Experiments have recently shown that vitamin D is good for hair loss. Premature hair loss affects many men and also women. The current treatments include hair transplants which can cost many thousands of dollars and new drugs such as minoxidal. The drugs however have side effects such as loss of sex drive. So the irony is you want to look better and have a full head of hair but in achieving that you perhaps lose your drive for wanting it […]

Does Losing Your Hair Mean Losing Your Sex Drive?

  Does losing your hair mean losing your sex drive? Apparently it can be so if you happen to be one of the many thousands of men taking Propecia for balding because this can have adverse side effects related to sexual function and libido. A recent article highlights this rather disconcerting finding and reports:   “The hair loss prevention drug Propecia can cause long-term sexual problems in men, according to a new study.”   “It said that the effects — […]

New Treatments for Baldness

New Treatments for Baldness   Hair loss, is like weight loss, in that it’s a massive area of concern for many people and a big market for commercial products; and it’s of interest to many when there is news of new treatments for baldness, An article here describes how:  “Yale researchers have discovered the source of signals that trigger hair growth, an insight that may lead to new treatments for baldness.” “The researchers identified stem cells within the skin’s fatty […]

Hair Loss and How to Avoid It

Hair Loss and How to Avoid It Nobody wants to have thinning hair or experience balding. Our hair has just become one of the sources of beauty that we spend so much on styling and shampooing it. Yet, sometimes information from TV ads and magazines just only confuse us as to what really causes hair loss and how to prevent it instead. Hair Loss and How to Avoid It   TV ads might make you a paranoid after you saw […]

Hair Loss Development

Hair Loss Development Many question why they are experiencing hair loss, receding hair line and hair thinning. What they failed to know are the reasons why it is happening. Because knowledge is power, having some information about hair loss will help you gain control over your hair and your health as well. Hair Loss Development   There are a couple of reasons for hair loss. But the most common reasons are those that deal with the health of an individual. […]