4c Hair Growth Tips To Grow Healthy Natural Hair Faster and Longer in 2020

if your natural hair is like mine then
you know the struggleso hi my name is Joyce Juliet and if you
need to this channel I am currentlyeight years natural I got to my ideal
hairless which is wasted that’s aboutfive years natural so my hair was 24 to
26 inches long I have a video about ityou could click on it at the end of the
video and I have pretty much focused onjust maintaining my hair ever since
because this is my ideal hair lengthlike I don’t really mind cottony if it
gets longer than this so right now I’mjust focused on enjoying my hair and I
figured okay another set of tips to growyour hair this long and this fabulous is
necessary because I get this all thetime one of my tips for hair growth one
of my subscribers I said okay why nottips for hair growth for 2020 so today
celebrating eight years natural I amsharing eight solid tips that will help
you in this hair journey and please donot feel like oh you’ve heard this again
and you know you’ve had this over andover again nothing is new no please
don’t fall for that trick if you haveheard some of these tips before then you
know that you’re supposed to beconsistent with it and you’re supposed
to be doing this regularly for you tosee the hair growth that you desire so
right off the bat just in case you’relooking for hair growth tips that are
going to grow your hair overnight or aregoing to grow your hair one week not
gonna happen this is not the video foryou so you can click away now I don’t
mind but please if you’re serious abouthair growth and you really want your
hair to grow this year and more thenplease keep watching so this video
provides actionable tips that if you doinclude in your hair regimen you will
definitely see growth and thickness andvolume so the foundation of 4c hair is
moisture literally our hair cannot doanything if it doesn’t have any moisture
in it so the first tip I have for you isdeep conditioning I know you may have
heard this over and over again but deepconditioning is the backbone of natural
hair literally especially your 4c hairwithout deep conditioning your hair with
brittle will be dry you’ll be breakingyou wouldn’t
the nourishment anis it wouldn’t havethe strength it needs so it is important
that you deep condition every singletime you wash and always make sure you
deep condition even if you want to cutcorners during your wash day even if you
don’t have time always make sure thatyou insert about 15 minutes deep
conditioning riches leaving yourconditioner in your hair for as long as
15 to 30 minutes or more just to makesure that you get all the nutrients and
you revive your hair from all the stressthat it’s been through the weeks all the
days that you haven’t deep conditionedso that is my first tip and it’s so
important it really really helped me inmy natural hair
it helped me revive my cars it helped mestrengthen my curls it helped me just
bring my cursor like every single timemy hair oh by the way just in case
you’re thinking like what kind of hairtype this is this is actually 4c hair
but it’s blow-dried because I did aspell showing how to do bantu knots on
blow-dried hair so that’s why my hair isall wavy and all fabulous looking if you
see my other videos you can see my hairin different states when it’s shocking
when it’s not stretched and when it isstretched I’d like to show how I style
my hair in different ways in differentvideos just to show that you can do lots
of things with 4c hair you’re not stuckwith shrunken tangle single strand
knotted hair all the time no your hairis fabulous if you actually expand your
knowledge and if you actually focus onlearning and knowing what your hair
needs and also obviously using the rightproducts so we’ll get into that but this
video is simply about eight actionabletips that will help you in your regimen
another thing to note is deepconditioning also provides that balance
between protein and moisture and if youdon’t know what that is literally what
your hair thrives on if your hair hastoo much moisture then he stretches a
lot any breeze if your hair has too muchprotein then he snaps like it becomes
really hard and it’s not really fast soit provides snap balance we need between
protein and moisture and on the subjectof washing my next tip avoid over
washing your 4c hair so as I said theback
before CA is moisture so please avoidover washing your natural hair it makes
no sense for you to moisturize your hairand its own stuff and its own nourished
and you just keep washing it out youjust keep shampooing everything out it
literally makes no sense at all so whenyou over wash your hair you dry it RT
make it brittle you create unnecessarybreakage and split ends and we don’t
want that but I recommend washing yournatural 4c hair often your curls every
two weeks as opposed to every week ourhair is not straight growth our hair
it’s harder to retain moisture so thelonger we can space out our wash days
while maintaining the health of our hairis important for hair growth and my next
tip is if you can avoid over washingthen you can avoid over manipulation
which is just putting your hands ornecessarily into your hair a comb eating
your hair every time talking it with thegentleman brush talking about a wide
tooth comb put your hands try to figurethe tangle all the time try to remote
your eyes with your hands in your hairno stop with the hands in your hair try
to reduce how much you touch your hairin a week can put you you can literally
put your hair in a protective stuff andavoid touching here for a week so on the
subject of protective style that’sanother tip as well always make sure
that you put your hair in a protectivestyle to make sure that you retain
length and I think a protective style istrue protective styles actually focused
on hiding the ends of your hair so yourhair in a puff is actually not a
protector style your hair you know inlobe or nut has your ends sticking out
it’s not a protective stuff the wholepoint is that when you protect your ends
it helps prevent the breakage causebreakage always knots from here
he always knots on the oldest part ofyour hair which is the tips so always
make sure and that when your hair is inprotective style like a low bond or high
bond or in braids in single braids andbox braids passion twists every single
has are there instancesisn’t either one of them always make
sure that your ends are protected alwayssleep with a certain scarf as well
because some people do it better thanthat like like exhausted and tired but
then they forget to cover their hair andthe Peter literally sucks up all the
moisture that they’ve just taking theirtime to to put in your hair to keep it
moisturized and they wake up with dryhair so always make sure to see put a
satin scarf you can also use a satinPony the one I use is by Israeli curly
you can find a link in the descriptionbox below
and it’s amazing so make sure that youalways protect us so I know you’re
thinking like how do I keep my hair onlyfor a week and not touch it
how does that even work well I have beensaying this literally for my first
youtube video all you need is a hairlessso a miss is basically a leaving
conditioner that you can actually sprayon your hair
so you don’t have to actually go in andput your cream on your hands and going
and put it on your hair no you literallyall you have to do is put your hair in
whatever style you want to in an updoand a lower bond or ipod whatever and
you just missed it’s like you just go tosome service and you’re good like your
hair is it’s ultimately moisturize forthe next two to three days depending on
the porosity of your hair obviously soit’s literally all you need and it will
maintain your hair for those days thatyou don’t have to take your hair down
all over again and remoisturize and gowith the cream and go into prating hands
and go with a nighttime routine likeeverybody got on the bed like seriously
oh we don’t have the time we’re leavingin the fast-paced world and we have
always had things to do we all evenfizzy lies I’m now a mom so I know that
time is literally precious now I can’tlike linger around not doing anything
because I need time to do other thingsso the more that we can find a better
way to care for our hair withoutspending too much time the better also
help your scalp promote Ericby massaging you know doing hot oil
treatments and massaging those oils as Isaid in my 7 top oils video those
natural based oils into your scalp justto make sure that you increase that
blood circulation that brings thenutrients to your scalp to help
encourage hair growth and this isamazing because you can use oils my hair
loves extra-virgin olive oil like itloves like that’s what that’s all that’s
in my hair now and it’s just my hairjust loves it you can find natural oil
that your hair loves as well I recommendmy favorite oils in my previous video so
go ahead and watch that as well afterthis one I know you’re thinking well all
these tips are good and they’re greatyou and yet you probably out probably
had them before but I mean I’m talkingabout growth like what can I do about
growth while my ends how can I protectthem well I got you I got you
so yeah I definitely have your back Iwill let you know everything as I said
with my first tip deep conditioning isamazing another product that is amazing
for your natural hair is leavingconditioners so even if you ditch
everything else don’t ditch your deepconditioners don’t ditch your leave-in
conditioners it is so they are soimportant so deep conditioners are
rinsed out obviously both leavingconditioners help continue the work that
your deep conditioner does but it’s leftin your hair that’s just as simple as it
gets and it is so important when youinclude this in this step before in your
LOC method or your lco method that isleaving cream and oil and you will
definitely see the difference you’ll beable to retain moisture more your hair
will be softer and your hair will besilkier to touch yeah so for more
natural hair tips make sure youdownloaded my 15 natural hair tip on my
website it will cause calm likeeverything you need is on there
and make sure to download so that youcan have a guide every single time if
you’re building a regimen and justlearning a natural hair and every single
time he wants wash every single timeyou’re just to use now I got everything
like a rating that all right set it downfor you so make sure to download it on
my website I will see y’all in my nextvideo take care pray always live a great
life love you all so much for supportingthis channel
take care now god bless you bye

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